Claisebrook Bridge Overpass, East Perth

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Claisebrook Bridge Overpass, East Perth

Postby twowheels » Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:47 pm


Claisebrook Bridge Overpass, East Perth (pdf 143kb)

In response to a number of complaints over the past 12 months regarding conflict between pedestrians, cyclists and train passengers, Main Roads WA in conjunction with the Public Transport Authority will be installing a pavement treatment and pavement markings on the overpass to provide better clarity for all users in order to minimise the conflict.

Looking south

Looking north

A ‘before’ video survey was carried out as part of the investigation and project development work and it is intended that an ‘after’ video survey will be carried on the completion of the work to assist in assessing the impacts of the treatment on user movements in this area.

The work is anticipated to commence on the 15 February 2008, with an expected completion date of the 25 February 2008. Work will be undertaken during the night Monday to Friday and during the day on Saturday and Sunday to help minimise disruption to users.

Restricted access for all users will be provided through the work site at all times whilst this work is being undertaken, therefore all users are requested to exercise caution and cyclists are encouraged to dismount when travelling through the work site.

For further information on this project please contact the Main Roads Customer Contact Centre on 138 138.

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