Black Spots in Perth

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Re: Black Spots in Perth

Postby ColinOldnCranky » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:05 am

Becker_11 wrote:You can't have a road/pathway with all the responsibility and duty of care on the shoulders of 1 of the users but not the others.

In a sense legal responsibility is of secondary importance to a vulnerable user. The innate desire that most living organisms do to continue living and the responsibility that they take in order to do so results in those that survive to adulthood having had to take that responsibility regardless of the law.

If a law was introduced tomorrow that allowed me unfettered rights to cross the freeway and that all traffic had to five way to me, I would be a rare idiot indeed if I did not take responsibility for my own safety.

When you look at it like that then there is less need to regulate a ped.

Though I feel that my argument is not well supported in fact, Daily I see peds moving off to the right of PSPs and RSPs without a glance. :?
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Re: Black Spots in Perth

Postby R12RT » Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:50 pm

Becker_11 wrote:
Jezza75 wrote:The 3 stand outs for me are:
1) The Mitchell freeway psp where it follows the road Cayley st (from Leeder st) in Glendalough.
I have had a head on with another bike here as has good friend of mine with the other bike being on the wrong side of the path overtaking a walker.
2) The Mitchell freeway psp between the Vincent st bridge and the Leederville train station.
I have a head on crash with another bike as well, when the other fellow thought he would overtake a third bike with me rolling down the hill towards the CBD.
AND 3) The East parade path T junction with the path that follows the Graham Farmer freeway.
Ok, so I havent had a crash here, YET but give it time.

I've walked that intersection of the midland line and GFF psp speciffically to check the sight lines and issues people seem to believe exists there. I don't see it. No matter which direction you approach from there are good sight lines. If you slow approaching the T from Midland and look before turning there should never be an incident there. If you really think it's that bad maybe they should install a roundabout there but seriously I can't see a need for it.

Jezza75 wrote:The common themem here is people who want to be on the wrong side of the paths! I know that I am heading in the opposite direction to the majority of people during the rush hour, but if other path users keep to the left, there wouldnt be a problem!
Maybe we should divert the attention to the cause here and black spot idiots!
(or issue firearms to the rest of us!)

There is no issue if cyclists do as you suggest and look properly.

Too many times I have seen riders coming from Midland only slowing enough to make the turn, not looking to ensure there is no other traffic, and hoping a ringing bell is enough to alert anyone in their way to get out the way.
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Re: And the top five are .....

Postby CycleSnail » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:24 am

CycleSnail wrote:After having read the summary on our website, a journalist asked me which ones would be the five WORST black spots. The question was asked in context of the unsafe manner in which cars pass bicycles.(And the lack of a legalised one meter passing distance).

Mine are City West PSP, Hutton Street, St. Georges Terrace, and (since last fortnight) Wellington Street in front of the arena

Well, we did get some press out of that, and I posted links to the story and the Channel Ten news on the Bicycle Transport Alliance Facebook page
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Re: Black Spots in Perth

Postby Karati » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:48 pm

Jezza75 wrote:
wexford wrote:
Jezza75 wrote:3) The East parade path T junction with the path that follows the Graham Farmer freeway.
Ok, so I havent had a crash here, YET but give it time.

On several occasions I've had people just ride out in front of me from the East Parade path as I've passed the T - in both directions. I've been able to see them clearly as I approach the intersection when heading east so I'm positive it's not a sight problem, it's a LOOKING problem. All that's needed is a STOP sign and some kind of reminder to look both ways.

A stop sign here would only stop the people who care enough to read the sign. And the people who approach from the river to turn right towards Midland think it is their birth right to cut the corner.
Maybe a round a bout would help, but really....

The main issue at this intersection coming from Midland is that the over pass isn't well enough lit and it can be difficult to see riders heading towards the city against the bright sunshine.

Heading from the city people turning towards Midland seem to take the corner pretty quickly most of the time. If it was more of a slip lane and less of a T-junction it would make things a bit safer.

A stop sign is a waste of money here there is ample visibility to both sides if the lighting was sorted.

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Re: Black Spots in Perth

Postby Aushiker » Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:23 pm

The Greens' Black Spot website/app has got a mention in today'sWest Australian. Contrast this article with the response from Mr Reece Waldock, Director General of the Department of Transport.


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Re: Black Spots in Perth all gone in 2014????

Postby CycleSnail » Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:51 pm

Getting close to the end of 2014, a good two year since cyclists identified many black spots in the metropolitan area.

So, if we just look at the CBD, which of the black spots have remained, or have cropped up?

City West, despite the improved crossing, still scares me when I come from Subiaco in the evening. The amount of cycling traffic heading west added to pedestrians rushing for the train....

St. Georges Terrace at rush hour (or just about anytime during the day)

Roe Street near the temporary bus terminal.

The underpass on the path in from Leederville with that lovely blind corner....

Parliament Hill PSP

and so on.

What is the current worst five in the CBD????
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Re: Black Spots in Perth

Postby Hugor » Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:19 pm

The Hay St underpass in Daglish is pretty much suicide IMO.
Blind high speed entries and exits regardless of which direction you approach it from.

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Re: Black Spots in Perth

Postby Sinner » Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:06 am

Daglish is in the CBD :shock:

The Esplanade/Barrack Street
Barrack Street/Wellington Street
Spring Street/Milligan Street/St Georges Terrace
The Causeway
Wellington Street/Milligan Street

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