Bikeweek 2008

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Bikeweek 2008

Postby TonyS » Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:45 pm

Just to let everyone know that Bikeweek is coming around again. This year it will be held between March 7 and 16, with over 100 individual events around WA including breakfasts, community rides, workshops, treasure hunts and workplace bbqs. In the metro area, there will be a new type of "path-side" event - Rider Revivers. These are special morning locations where riders can stop and obtain some free food and refreshments. During Bikeweek, there will 4 Rider Revivers at the following loctions:

Mon 10 March 7am to 9am - Perth CBD (David Carr Memorial Park near Narrows interchange)
Wed 12 March 7am to 9am - Fremantle (Kings Square near Town Hall)
Thu 13 March 7am to 9am - Melville (Apex Park near Raffles)
Fri 14 March 7am to 9am - Northbridge (Russell Square)

You will see signs alongside the path network, advertising these rider revivers, erected shortly. You can also check out the entire Bikeweek calendar on the DPI Cycling website.

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