Hazard: Kwinana PSP Baldivis

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Hazard: Kwinana PSP Baldivis

Postby just4tehhalibut » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:18 am

In July I mentioned this on another WA thread
just4tehhalibut wrote:There's also a path closure on the freeway path between Mundijong Rd and the exit path onto ZigZag Rd, Baldivis. Sign says path is closed now 7am to 5pm, to 27.07.12, but when I came down there at 3:30pm yesterday the path was still intact apart from a lot of witches hats and shrubbery removed, and no workmen about. Maybe they haven't gotten fully started yet. I looked on the Main Roads website, nothing about this.

it appears that some time after this advertised works a section of path was dug up, approx 100 metres, and instead of being replaced with new bitumen a wide strip of what looks like astroturf (the sort of thing used on tennis courts) or thick rubber matting was laid down. It was a similar colour to the existing red path however it wasn't level with the path, you got a jolt as you crossed the lip at each end, and it transmitted all the bumps and hollows of the dug up earth beneath. I came through this section recently and got a broken spoke and buckled wheel. Hence, it is a hazard.

Because of recent experiences several BNAers have reported this to Main Roads. The reply that I received now is
"Thank you for reporting the issue with the PSP surfacing that you have experienced alongside the Kwinana Freeway between Mundijong Road and Zig Zag Road.
Main Roads is aware of this problem, which appears to be related to the adhesive properties of the particular type of pavement surface used at this location, and hazard warning signs have been placed on all approaches whilst a solution is found.
The “rubber matting” used on this section of the PSP has been trialled due to an issue with the previous asphalt construction continually cracking. However the recent failures of the surfacing are being investigated to ensure that the cause of the problem is known and a remedy can be found for a long term solution."
Main Roads didn't reply to my question about if more earthworks were expected at that location.

So be aware of this particular hazard, there should be signage now at least but slow down, and watch out if Main Roads uses this stuff on paths elsewhere.

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Re: Hazard: Kwinana PSP Baldivis

Postby Baalzamon » Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:15 am

I even grumbled about it on my fully suspended trike so you can get the idea on how bad it is.
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