Advice for a beginner to race

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Advice for a beginner to race

Postby dougalh » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:28 pm

I've been riding since about the beginning of this year, I started mainly for fitness for sailing but I've come to enjoy cycling more so than sailing and have decided to take up cycling instead. I'm 16 so I'll sign up for U17 through an SPR membership.

Can anyone offer any tips, advice as I've no idea what to expect at all. How many juniors are there generally?

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Re: Advice for a beginner to race

Postby nickobec » Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:46 am

I can only answer from my experience with PDCC (Peel District Cycling Club) in last 12 months, other clubs might be different.

PDCC juniors are only for under 13s. The other age catergories U15, U17 & U19 all ride in the grades.

If you are a "beginner", not a lot of experience riding in packs and/or have trouble keeping 32kph in a pack, you should be in E grade. Which is the most mixed group of riders, age 14 to 76, some learning to race, some only able to train and race occasionally and other more experienced riders who due to health issues ride in E.

If you have some experience riding in packs and/or happy with 32 to 35kph pace in a bunch, you should be in D grade.

If you are a competent & experienced group rider, ie SPR fast group rider, 35kph pace wise, you will start in C and earn promotion to other grades.

The only time I have seen an U17 race was at the Pinjarra Classic and the U17 group caught the open C grade group who had 10 minute start on the first big hill. So some U17s are fast and riding in regular grades gives you a chance to develop.

You need to contact your local club to find out more about the options. If you live well south of the river, PDCC has a crit race at the Motorplex this Sunday, come down and check it out

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