Victoria Ave mishap Monday 8 April

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Victoria Ave mishap Monday 8 April

Postby hooman » Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:47 pm

My wife and son were coming home along Victoria Ave in Claremont. They were following a bunch of cyclists wearing orange-ish outfits (according to my wife anyway). All of a sudden a rear wheel comes off one of the bikes and they collide leaving one of the riders on the street with cuts to his leg etc... Thank God my wife was driving. Because I cycle, she has great respect for cyclists and always slows down, keeps a distance etc etc... Well, my son jumped out of the car and offered assistance but he claims it was not needed.

I am told the rider was cut up but otherwise ok. I hope so...

Does anyone here know if he is ok and more importantly how the heck does a rear wheel come off?

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