Newbie looking for road bike in Perth

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Newbie looking for road bike in Perth

Postby newroadie » Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:41 pm

G'day everyone.

I am looking to purchase my first road bike (sub-$1000) and am looking for recommendations on shops that I should check out. I live in the CBD and do not have a car, so city centre shops would be ideal. However, I can, of course, take the train out to the suburbs if that is where I should be looking.

I know of Ride Advice on Milligan Street, Cycle Centre on Hay Street, and Elite Racing Cycles in Northbridge, but do not know if these shops are any good. Anywhere else for me to check out? Or should I be shopping online?


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Re: Newbie looking for road bike in Perth

Postby rcmkII » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:24 pm

You could try - some retailers list new road bikes there, as well as the many second-hand ones available.
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Re: Newbie looking for road bike in Perth

Postby Red Rider » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:34 pm

Hi newroadie,

I would do a bit of research online before hitting the shops, narrow down what you want to maybe 5-10 bikes. Find the best places to get them from and then go have a look. Have a look in the 'Buying a bike/parts' section on this forum for similar topics, and have a look at Bike Exchange for an idea of what is in that price bracket.

I've been to Ride Advice and they have a decent range at pretty prices, and are also helpful. There are quite a few bike shops near train stations, Cottesloe Cycles, Speedlite Cycles is near Maylands station, Canning Bridge Cycles. Otherwise you can easily bus it to Cyclemania on Charles St in North Perth, there is also The Bicycle Entrepreneur (TBA) and Glen Parker on Stirling Hwy in Nedlands.

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Re: Newbie looking for road bike in Perth

Postby elStado » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:59 pm

First of all you will need to figure out what sort of size you'll need. This is a start but not comprehensive: ... /road-bike

Secondly you will need to establish what is the purpose of your purchase: road racing, recreational riding, commuting, utility etc. You bike of choice will have to reflect how you will want to use it.

Also remember to factor in the cost of other things, such as clothing, accessories etc. E.g. you'll need a pair of front & rear lights if riding in the dark conditions ($30-80), helmet ($40-120), lock ($30-60) etc.

I would suggest that you look at buying a second hand bike, as any 'new' bike for less that $1000 is going to be pretty average and devalue quickly. I've seen some really nice later model roadies go for around $600-800 second hand. Then if you decide that you are definitely into it you can save up and buy a high-end new bike, and keep the old one as a backup/wet-weather/training bike.

If you just want a simple, low-maintenance bike to use for general use and transport I highly recommend that you look into a lightweight single speed bike. My friend recently bought a barely-used 2012 Fuji Declaration 2nd hand for $200, including a set of Knog lights, and it's a great little machine. Very fun and easy to ride.
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Re: Newbie looking for road bike in Perth

Postby newroadie » Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:07 pm

Thanks for the help guys, I'll have a read through some other sections of the forum.

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