Cycling through CBD

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Cycling through CBD

Postby stealthbike » Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:30 pm

I commute to work from Leeming to Jolimont and I am fortunate that most of this journey is along PSPs. The most frustrating part of the journey (apart from other cyclists' behaviours - discussed in other threads) is the section from Hay St to Wellington St along George St. This takes quite a long time as I wait for green signals, unlike most others. Specifically, it seems to me that it would not be unreasonable to be able to cross Hay St on ONE signal rather than two. Surely it would not impact vehicular traffic too much to allow this??
This simple change would immediately save time and encourage cyclists to cross on the green instead of getting half way to the pedestrian island and then just continuing against the red when there is a break in the traffic.
It seems that the primary barrier to this simple change is a mindset that vehicles have priority over bicycles and pedestrians. All I ask is for is equality, there is no way that a driver would accept having to cross an intersection on two signals, so why should we?
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Re: Cycling through CBD

Postby wellington_street » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:02 pm

The left turn into West Perth from the freeway is the dominant flow; there is no way it will see substantially reduced green time. I do see your point and agree with you though.

The solution here has to be a bridge, which will also get rid of that stupid hairpin. Obviously the path wasn't designed for cyclists back in 1966 as there's no reason it couldn't descend to the signalised crossing directly if it was designed properly.

In the scheme of things, though, cyclists have a very good run in from a long way south without a single traffic light crossing. Having a few crossings in a row on George Street may be frustrating but it is also the reality of riding in the CBD. We still have it a lot better than cars on the freeway in peak.

I have mulled over how to bypass George Street a few times and never really arrived at a satisfactory answer. A bridge structure would have to extend from Hay Street all the way to at least Wellington, which then takes out all the cyclists accessing Hay and Murray Streets, so limits its usefulness. I suppose the path behind the Arena might then see a big increase in traffic?

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