Recommendation for a bigger guy

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Recommendation for a bigger guy

Postby Krw16 » Sun Dec 08, 2013 5:10 pm

Hello, I'm wanting to purchase a bike for fun and fitness, always on paths, around river etc. i am a bigger guy 188cm and 125 kg, absolutely paranoid about going into a bike shop and asking this question...can anyone please help by recommending what Is a good brand and size to look at getting ...many thanks in advance :D

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Re: Recommendation for a bigger guy

Postby citywomble » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:36 am


Always on shared paths then you don't need to go very fast and won't need a racing bike. You also do not need clip in/on pedals because you need to be able to slow/stop for pedestrians. Keep you feet unfixed with normal pedals, then you can also get off and walk around with normal shoes/trainers.

For fun and fitness enjoy where you are cycling and if you do not want to (or because you are on paths should not) go fast you would be best served by a sit up style bike. I have a Giant Suede bike which is a great compromise for on or off road, good gears and with pedals further forward stand up power while sitting and feet flat on the ground when stopped. With wide MTB type tyres I can also ride the trails through the hills when I want - great way to see and enjoy the bush. I am also 110 kg and the bike is great for me and it hasn't let me down in 4 years.

There are several other good cruiser type bikes around which would suit. These are great as you can ride sitting up, enjoy the view and do not get back/neck pains. There is a good reason why cyclists use the term 'heads up' when passing on information.

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Re: Recommendation for a bigger guy

Postby eldavo » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:25 am

The rental place in East Perth on Swan River has Avanti geared hub 3 speed ads on gumtree for $250 brand new. Can't go wrong at that price with their sales/support, and they'd know about bikes for paths around the river =D

I'm sure you'll get as many recommendations as there are people and moods, any bike that fits your ergonomic needs 80% of the way will do the job or can be tweaked to suit. Narrow it down by price and style that you like/love/fits your image/attitude/sex appeal. Don't fear the bike shop they're there to sell and service bikes.

Coincidentally +1 on citywomble's exact platform I bought a Giant Suede City (7 speed geared hub) in rough cosmetic condition cheap for the geared hub parts being 26" rim bonus.
It's too nice and complete a bike platform to part it out, and respect it so much so I found another City geared hub version as-new cosmetically for the wife. I'm a geared hub fan.
I think they've taken what Electra do with flat-foot/feet forward and beat them in value with the 7 speed over the predominant Electra 3 speed.

For value Giant keep popping up despite trying to ignore them. The 2014 Seek 1 has a $1100 rrp with an Alfine 8 geared hub, comfy 2 inch Schwalbe balloon tyres, raked fork looks good value... but you could do the same thing with the $250 Avanti also brand new.

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Re: Recommendation for a bigger guy

Postby Phil » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:38 pm

+2 on the comments so far.

23-25mm road bikes tyres on paths around the river (particularly East Perth) are pretty rough, I use my tourer bike Van Nicholas Amazon Belt-Drive Rohloff (37mm tyres (AT) 50psi) or Mountain Bike (2.25" tyres @30psi) and they are much more comfy - speed aint really an issue on these dual use paths.

The Internal Geared hubs are nice for this sort of cruiser, they also tend to have a fairly strong wheel build to handle bigger weights.


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Re: Recommendation for a bigger guy

Postby Sith1 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:29 pm

It really depends on what you like . Do you like Mountain bikes? road bikes ? cruisers?
If you are emararrased to go into a shop and look around and ask questions .. let your keyboard do the walking 8)

Firstly get someone to do your inner seam , height, thigh , reach measurements then find an online bike fit site and punch them in ... that will give you a rough idea on what to look for in size , then punch in what type of bike you like ....
You should be able to find a bike amongst the 1000's on Gumtree at the fraction of a new bike cost ... being your first you will love her and leave her for a better model ... pedals KISS [keep it simple stupid] learn to ride the bike before you complicate things by falling off stopping or perving as you go around the river and suddenly have to stop.
Saddles ... personal .. I have had about 20 something saddles until i settled for my utopia.

Stick with brand names , Trek , Merida , Giant , any of the big names.
And one bit of advise ... spend more time in the saddle than you do on forums

all the best

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Re: Recommendation for a bigger guy

Postby mick243 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:13 pm

I'm your size and weight...

I have an old pro tour cavalier road bike (steel) had it for 20 years... Also have an avanti aggressor 29er, that is my daily driver..... Both have held up well to what I dish out .

For a while an older avanti 26er was my daily driver, it lasted maybe 5 years of daily abuse before the wheels gave up the ghost.....

Also have a "fluid" flatbar roadie, after about 3 months it started busting rear drive side spokes.

I had 2 Jamis "exile comp" 29ers in a row, both got fatigue cracking where the top tube meets the seat post within a month of use.

Steer clear of "cheap"' as above stick with big brands that have local support, go steel if you can, but quality alloy frames can be good too.... But the frame is likely to be the least problematic bit, getting good well built wheels is the important bit - avoid low spoke count!

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Re: Recommendation for a bigger guy

Postby Krw16 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:25 pm

Many thanks for the help guys...appreciate it ...cheers kW

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