Bugging for a Better deal [in Fremantle]

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Bugging for a Better deal [in Fremantle]

Postby Aushiker » Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:27 am


IT’S currently “horror country” for cyclists, but Fremantle two-wheeled lobbyist Bug (Bicycle Users Group) wants Carrington Street to become a major thoroughfare.

Bug has been mapping a network of bike routes into and through Fremantle and last weekend rode down Carrington, which it wants to be one of three north/south routes.

Convenor Rob Delves says Carrington Street needs a lot of attention to make it safe for cyclists, particularly around the intersection with South Street where narrow lanes and a steep hill make jostling with cars a hazard.

The group will submit plans to Fremantle council for the next update of its bike network, but Mr Delves says it’s prepared to be patient.

More in the Fremantle Herald.

If you are in the Fremantle area and interested in the BUG or engaging on developing the network, the BUG is meeting this evening at the Reception Room upstairs at the Fremantle Town Hall building. Enter via the outdoor stairs across from the old Myers. As usual, members and interested members are invited to arrive from 6.30pm for pre-meeting social chat.

The next ride will be to explore routes in North Fremantle and the suggested date Sunday July 6th, starting at 8.00am. This will confirmed at tonights meeting. If you cannot make the meeting but are interested in the ride just PM for the details.


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Re: Bugging for a Better deal [in Fremantle]

Postby jlh » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:16 pm

I ride Carrington a lot and it is a shoddy road for cycling on. Normally have to claim the lane and cop the abuse.

At the South St intersection mentioned I normally cut down Samson and head through the burbs.

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Re: Bugging for a Better deal [in Fremantle]

Postby Timeonabike » Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:32 am

I agree, and while I'm at it lemme make a micro rant - all of the major arterial roads should have dedicated (i.e. not shared) separated bike paths with the same right of way as the arterial road.
After all, how else will cycling become a normal part of the transport equation if we can't use the same major roads as the cars?
Stock rd - I'm looking at you!



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