Mountain biking plan nears completion

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Mountain biking plan nears completion

Postby Aushiker » Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:35 pm

WestCycle is pleased that two key mountain bike planning projects are nearing completion, with public consultation on the Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy and the South West Mountain Bike Master Plan set for August.

Prepared by WestCycle with support from the Department of Sport and Recreation, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and WAMBA, the Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy will break new ground as the first statewide mountain bike-specific planning document. It will underpin the sustainable development of all aspects of mountain biking, ensuring its continuing growth as one of the state’s leading activities.

A layer of regional master planning will sit under the Strategy. This will identify and prioritise locations where high quality, sustainable trails could be developed.

Source: WestCycle

Hopefully this means that WestCycle can now focus its efforts less on sport and more on its other strategic objectives related to transportation, an area it has neglected by all accounts to date.


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