Northam - Anybody riding on a regular basis (MTB and Road)

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Northam - Anybody riding on a regular basis (MTB and Road)

Postby Allwork » Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:13 pm

I'll be moving to Northam for work in Late October. Are there any active cycling clubs (or riders) based in Northam doing mid week "training" rides with longer weekend rides?

I currently have a hardtail MTB but would also purchase a road bike if there were group rides occurring only on the roads.

I'm not that keen on riding on the Great Eastern Highway when there are so many other roads with less traffic.

I'd prefer a mix of the two types of riding to keep things interesting.

Over to you

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Postby reddy » Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:30 pm

Can't help you with MTB activity in Northam ( suspect that it is minimal) but I can tell you if you ride a road bike in Northam on a regular basis you will increase the number of road cyclists by 100%.
Plenty of good roads for riding , no need to use Gt Eastern hwy to any large extent , plenty of secondary roads available.
The advantage of Northam is that no matter what direction the wind is blowing from you can find a route that is a headwind out and a tail wind home.
Ride around 300klm a week in the district so a partner would be appreciated , happy to give you any advise if required.

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