Mandurah to Rockingham

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Mandurah to Rockingham

Postby mdsl » Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:02 pm


I am new to cycling (bought first bike last week) and have started riding to work (around 32kms each way). Has anyone else done this ride and if so give some hints as to the best route? there is really only two options for this route. Currently I am going from Mandurah, up Mandurah Road to Secret Harbour then going through Secret Harbour down Warnbro Sound Ave to Rockingham.

Warnbro Sound Road is double lane however I find that it is hard for cars to pass me withouth going into the other lane briefly? Am I allowed to ride on the road under this circumstance and if so how closely do I have to ride to the curb?

Any advice would be helpful.



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