Challenger Pde, City Beach, Cambridge changes

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Challenger Pde, City Beach, Cambridge changes

Postby Thoglette » Thu May 10, 2018 3:09 pm

The Cambridge Council "Community and Resources Committee" meeting of 14 May 2018 addressed the recent survey and proposed changes with the following recommendation in the minutes

All proposals were generally supported by the community with the result that they were all recommended. Most items had comments about cyclist safety, so "thank you" to all who filled in the survey

(i) the following options for the proposed changes to Challenger Parade pedestrian
and traffic calming works, as presented in the community survey undertaken in
March 2018, be endorsed:
(a) Option 1 relocation of bus stops and associated works;
(b) Option 2 installation of new medians and pedestrian refuges;
(c) Option 3 closure of existing southern entry/exit to Fred Burton carpark from Challenger Parade and associated works;
(d) Option 4 closure of existing southern entry/exit to main beach car park and associated works;
(e) Option 5 improvements to existing northern entry/exit to main beach car park;
(f) Option 6 pedestrian prioritised vehicular connection between carparks near Clancy's;
(g) Option 7 new footpath connection from Challenger Parade to Clancy's and beach;
(h) Option 8 traffic calming measures on Challenger Parade and (subject to Main Roads approval) implement 40 kmh speed zone; and
(i) Option 9 close existing northern exit from Fred Burton Carpark at Challenger Parade and associated works;
(ii) design works commence on Options 1,2, 3, 4,5 and 9;
(iii) funding be included in the draft 2018/2109 budget for:
(a) Construction of Options 1,2,3,4, 5 & 9;
(b) Design and Construction of Option 8;
(c) Design and Construction of Options 6 and 7; and
(iv) detail design works include review and appropriate measures to deal with comments received regarding car park layout, traffic flow and cyclist issues.
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