Bitsa Bikes needs some stock (Perth)

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Bitsa Bikes needs some stock (Perth)

Postby twowheels » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:23 pm

Hi BNA Perth forum folk,
I'm short on some stock for upcoming requests for bikes. I've got female step through bikes, but don't get many requests for them. Also I have a few small male bikes and a XL male bike, I would rather keep these for suitably sized recipients, I needed them a while back.

What I need quite urgently is M 17/18" or L 19/20" MTB frame to suit a 5'10" recipient. Following is a 5'9" bloke, need M 17/18" MTB frame.
Beyond this immediate need M 17/18" size MTBs are most suitable as pool bikes to suit average 5'9"/175cm and multi size riders.

Also, I'm currently short on some parts for the library, linear pull brake arms, flat bar friction shifters and bolts to suit square taper cranks.

Hope someone can help out Bitsa Bikes

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