Slingshot Assault Redcliffe Airport PSP

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Slingshot Assault Redcliffe Airport PSP

Postby eldavo » Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:52 pm

Beware with Halloween and upper school age teens not studying being out of school already.

Last week ~6.40pm just after sunset still bright dusk, riding west past Redcliffe at the south end of T1/T2 runway alongside Tonkin Highway, a shot hit me at the left temple, halfway between left eye and softest temple spot, just off my hairline, leaving a 15mm red mark. May have deflected off a helmet strap at temple if there was any good luck for me.

I reviewed the footage that showed it wasn't a joint Cricket Australia and Amy Gillette Foundation initiative, no arms throwing stones. A few teens walking on the path that I passed, two darker clothed/skinned teens to the left opposite side of road approached them after the shot, one on skateboard, one hiding at the side of the tree I believe was the shooter (in front of the book depository!) that is only visible after the shot when moving into the street. I coasted and looked back initially, didn'tknow the details at the time but with at least 5 unknown teens, I carried on away, and stopped 500m up to warn a 20-something year old woman walking alone, and asked her to call the Police to ask for a patrol drive by if she could. I called the next day and found it's not really possible. Crimestoppers can take details and photo evidence by email to forward to local patrol for consideration. After reviewing the footage

No better details identifiable other than dark clothes and skin. A couple nights later same section had a couple teens on a two stroke trail bike heading East so was watching over my shoulder often until off Tonkin Hwy section. Spring has Sprung in Redcliffe!

I work near the airport so it has just reinforced a curfew to not work past 5pm and aim for earlier starts and 4pm depart with the fine summer months and longer days ahead. They mostly come at night, mostly.

I cross an airport wetland to avoid Grogan Rd. and on Monday's ride in I stood toe to head with a healthy looking big brown snake for first time in my life, over a year and a quarter into this commute. I wasn't sure what was head or tail so didn't want to try step over it so stood still. Backed bike back a bit and the head facing me turned around and it was gone in a flash. Also got some footage of it I'll upload later with the slingshot incident. I had known about the snakes as our office has as many snake handlers as fire wardens, but I prefer my chances with snakes than the terrible Grogan Rd. So it rounds out three in a row now for slingshot, trail bike, big brown snake.

Hopefully destiny qualifies me for the next N+1 event. I saw Roland solo on a tandem with early on our Monday's commute start as well, I'll include that in the footage as a ghost sighting to try for a whacky YT title.

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Re: Slingshot Assault Redcliffe Airport PSP

Postby tomness » Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:24 pm

Terrible to hear of your assault. Hope you are OK

I was passed by a couple of youths on a 2 stroke trail bike last night, a bit before 7pm, on the PSP over Tonkin Highway adjacent to Roe Highway. It sounds like it was the same youths. They headed north on the Roe highway PSP,

i was passed by another trail bike on Roe Highway, near the Kenwick link, a couple of weeks ago as well.

It sounds like we need to be a bit vigilant when riding out that way.

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Re: Slingshot Assault Redcliffe Airport PSP

Postby Wixxy » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:06 pm

The Police can and should do something about this, firstly illegally riding on a path and secondly needs to be off-road registered if it's not road legal just to add to any potential consequences.

Rangers for that area can fine for offences under the off-road act or gain more evidence to pass on to the police. They can't do highway specific legislation other than parking and the off-road stuff on publically owned land.

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Re: Slingshot Assault Redcliffe Airport PSP

Postby Mububban » Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:34 pm

eldavo wrote:They mostly come at night, mostly.

The slingshot attack is terrible and I'm glad you didn't lose an eye or crash your bike. It could have been game over, man! Game over!
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Re: Slingshot Assault Redcliffe Airport PSP

Postby redned » Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:33 pm

It wasn't the fellow by the tree, it was the other one behind the grassy knoll.

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