Sandman lives, well there is a pulse :-)

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Sandman lives, well there is a pulse :-)

Postby sandman » Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:30 pm

Hi Girls and Girls ( you know who you are)

Well the Sandman is finally back in Alice and on the bike. After 2 weeks in the US in freezing temps and then 2 weeks away in the "outback" it was on the bike today after 4 weeks.... Oh the fschking hurt, where were my FPR buddies when I needed them the most. Words of encouragement like " you big girl, back to D grade, you suck, etc etc ! Well there was some "residual" fitness and the ride wasnt too bad. Sunrise around 5:50am so enough light not to need the Ayups....Time out and home was 45 mins each way, 28kms and averaged 37 so I was happy hurt a bit, was darn warm this arvo and ran out of water.

I think I've come to the realization that racing in Alice isn't my cup of tea. Not enough riders to make it real fun though I spose if everyone has that attitude there would be none :-) I think I'm going to social ride on weekends, put effort into the day rides, ride the TDU in Jan in Adelaide, Barkley Challenge in Tennant middle of next year and then race at the NT Masters Games in Oct last year. I'm spending HEAPS more time with my wife and kids and I'm having a total ball....We've been out here for 10 months now and we're busy all the time with local activities and travel, I'm lucky that I can still ride !

If anyone has google earth, check out this link for our last trip out the bush:

Images of the trip are here ... emId=23367

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Re: Sandman lives, well there is a pulse :-)

Postby leximack » Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:47 pm

good to have you back Sandman
Take it easy out there.

Are you back in Sydney for Christmas?

We need an excuse for a Sandman/Katoomba ride.


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