Ride in west Macdonnells Ranges

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Ride in west Macdonnells Ranges

Postby LaetitiaOnAbike » Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:52 am

Hello Guys ! I finish to stuck in Alice ! hehe I got enough money to buy a new bike, new gear and quite enough to feed me until Darwin. (my bike was stolen in Alice)
So I planning now to spend a nice time in west and east McDonnell ranges before to going north. If any one would like to join me, welcome :) I will be there for several weeks.
04 59 67 83 25.

if you got some tips and advice for me about the McDonnell ranges, please let me know, If you know some nice place without tourist.
Also, I would like leave my bike somewhere, for go hiking, do you think its sure for my bike if i leave it with a lock ?
and if i will walk for 1 section, which one do you advice me ?

Thanks for your attention,

Back to the freedom yuhiii !


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Re: Ride in west Macdonnells Ranges

Postby V17L » Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:43 pm

Hi Laetitia
Ormiston Pound is well worth going to.There is camping facilities, as it is a park. Water to. about 90km west of Alice.
Redbank further out is nice, can camp there, but no running water, but a rockhole to swim in. Bit cold there at the moment.
You could ride out along the west mac's to ormiston, redbank, outthrough tylers pass, onto Gosse Bluff, and camp inside Gosse bluff (park) and onto hermansburg, passing Albert Namajiri's house. Most of the road less 30km, I reckon is tarseal.

Out the other side, east macs, is a triphina gorge, camping as it is a park. My daughters favourite place, as she spent quite a few nights bush camping there.
Much further out and more remote is Ruby Gorge, but probably would not recommend it unless your really set up for it. No help or facilities there,but really pretty.
For an easy ride, there is a bike track out to simpsons gap, starting opposite to Flynns grave. roughly 30km round trip from memory.

Alice Springs has an active cycle club, check their website out for rides. Also the Bushwalking club is very active this time of the year, and well worth contacting. Ernie Richards is involved with the bushwalking club.

I put up a scanned map in this section of some of the places. Ripped from the free touring booklet from the petrol stations.
PS, gotta say it, make sure you have the water on board.
PPS, Above Larimah towards Darwin, it is going to start to get very humid and sticky, starting from September onwards, as it builds up for the wet.
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