Job hunting while cycling from Melbourne to Brisbane

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Job hunting while cycling from Melbourne to Brisbane

Postby Chatbox » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:03 pm

I plan on doing this crazy thing, quitting my current stable but boring job in HK at what possibly is the worst time of the economy, and head over to you guys (Australia). Will be flying into Melbourne with my bike (road or mountain, haven't decided yet) and the usual touring gear and essentials.

Question 1: Once I arrive in Melbourne, I'll need to find myself a bike shop to purchase a trailer (I'll have about 20kg to 30kg of belongings, excluding the bike). Any recommendations as to which bike shop I should head into?

Question 2: I plan to go from Melbourne to Canberra, to Sydney, then finally to Brisbane along the coastal line. Job hunting in each of the cities, dropping off my resume (with working holiday visa). Can any recommend me what's a good scenic route to take between the cities?

Question 3: I've looked at HostelMelbourne[dot]com and it seems the hostels will cost around 25 to 40 AUD per person per night. Is this the usual amount for other areas outside of Melbourne as well? Trying to plan my expenses here...

Question 4: I don't mind camping out as long as it's safe. Should I worry about wild animals in Australia (if any)?

Thanks in advance. I'm so looking forward to this trip...hoping to make the most of it.

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