Sydney - Bega - Snowies - Canberra

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Sydney - Bega - Snowies - Canberra

Postby a.brasington » Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:43 pm

Hi everyone, new to the forums! (Recent discovery).

Every since starting cycling, I have had the urge for an adventure, and I was hoping someone could give me some advice and point me in the right direction with my plans.

My plan involves touring later this year, and doing a ride starting from Sydney, following the coast down to Bega, then west to the Snowies and up as high as I can get, then north to Canberra, then back to Sydney.

Obviously it is a very rough plan at this stage, and I have actually not put anything down on paper yet, but I will soon be looking at a more detailed route in the next few weeks.

At the moment I am riding a Specialized Tarmac Expert, but will be upgrading the frame to a Look 585 or 595 in the next month (my current frame is a tad big). Would I have to make adjustments to the bike before going on a tour? Saddle Swap maybe?

I will be looking at completing about 200km per day at a fairly moderate pace, and estimates from my fooling around on whereis place the distance at about 1200kms. So I will be looking at a full 7-8 days to complete the journey when you factor in the mountains.

Ill post up more as the plan develops, but any advice on gear I might need, food to carry, backpack/rack arguments, or accommodation talk would be more than welcome.

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Re: Sydney - Bega - Snowies - Canberra

Postby a.brasington » Fri Jul 10, 2009 4:08 pm

Thats what I have come up with so far. Next step is to take a peek at a contour map to see what the hills are like, and to start thinking about stopovers and accommodation.

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Re: Sydney - Bega - Snowies - Canberra

Postby Leigh_caines » Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:50 am

200ks a day...
Mmmm... that dosen't sound like easy going fun to me
100ks a day in hilly stuff [with a load on] is more then enough for most of us
But your the man :)
If it was me I'd go the other way around.... getting more of the down hills [sort of]
Have a fun ride

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