Recommended accommodation on tour.

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Recommended accommodation on tour.

Postby timbo » Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:20 am

After reading elantra's report on his Tour de Silky Oak bike ride, and his recommendation of the Killarney Hotel, I thought I'd start a new topic on places of accommodation people have experienced on their bicycle tour.

If you have stayed overnight at a caravan park, hotel, motel, B&B, resort, or even a bush campground while on i bicycle tour, you might like to post your experiences here.

If you do stay in a place mentioned by someone else on this forum, and find that it is indeed bicycle friendly, don't forget to mention it to the owners that it was recommended on this forum. The owners may find it is good for business to be friendly to bicycle owners.

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Re: Recommended accommodation on tour.

Postby mike.ayling » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:17 pm

I am a life member of the Australian YHA and have used hostels for "credit card" tours in the past.
However when planning a recent ride from Adelaide to Melbourne we realised that except for the big cities you cannot book in to your room before 5PM as the reception closes between 10AM and 5PM. This means that if you arrive at your overnight destination earlier than 5PM you have to wait until then before enjoying a shower to was off the sweat of the day.
We ended up staying each night in caravan parks. Two tents on an unpowered site was about $20 per night in the country towns but increased to over $30 at Torquay and Mornington.

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Re: Recommended accommodation on tour.

Postby hartleymartin » Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:02 pm

If you do your research and planning right you can free-camp (or "stealth camp") in national parks. Nattai National Park lets you camp anywhere outside of the Lake Bunnerong exclusion zone (water supply for Sydney), as long as it is minimal-impact camping - ie You put up your tent, use a gas stove, dig only a small poo pit and leave almost zero trace of your camping.

Bringing your bike in and out of the park can be a pain, because the entrances are gated to keep out motor vehicles, but allow walkers in and out. The last time I went, I had to pull all of the panniers, etc off my bike, lift the bike over the gate, and then put the panniers back on. (It pays to look for a good quality mounting system).

I would not recommend stealth camping for several days in a row unless that's your thing. I'd say try to stay at a camp-site, hotel or pub at least every 2nd or 3rd night to enjoy a good shower and a softer bed. I tend to go for weekend/overnight trips, so I can come home a bit smelly and shower straight away.
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Re: Recommended accommodation on tour.

Postby elantra » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:28 pm

Thanks Timbo.
I was very impressed with the cleanliness and value at the Killarney hotel.
Let me also say there are MANY accomodation options in the southern downs and granite belt area NSW/Qld border.
In fact just near Killarney there is a camping/caravan/cabin park which looks like a very pleasant place to stay.

Perhaps the best value place i have ever camped at (car camping) was the
Eugowra Showground mainly because at the time it was free. Although the recreational reserve at Mt.Perry (QLD) would come close.

Not camping but one summer i thought i was going to be stranded without accomodation on the Mornington Peninsula.
A nice Pub with extremely nice rooms came to the rescue The Grand Hotel

Closer to home This Place is an extremely well equiped yet peaceful and economical camping ground in Southern Queensland.
Regards, Steve
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