Riding Alpine Way from Jindabyne to Khancoban

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Riding Alpine Way from Jindabyne to Khancoban

Postby BigClimbs » Sun Sep 30, 2007 4:57 pm

Have any of you guys cycled the Alpine Way from Jindabyne to Khancoban? I've ridden the road bike up from Jindabyne to Dead Horse Gap (which apparantly is the "the sixth highest pass in Australia") but next time I want to take my MTB and ride on to Khancoban. Any ideas on what the road is like past Dead Horse Gap? I'll be doing this in summer so at least snow shouldn't be a problem.

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Postby s-s-a » Fri Nov 30, 2007 8:13 am

The road is now sealed down the big descent from Dead Horse Gap. In fact I think it might be sealed all the way to Khancoban but not sure?

I've never ridden beyond DHG - for many years have been thinking about a loop tour Jindabyne-Thredbo-Khancoban-Cabramurra-Kiandra-Adaminaby- Jindabyne. It's 300km.

Seasonal timing is one issue. Summer is march fly season in the alps so I'd be aiming for autumn and hoping to time things before the first big dump of snow. Not sure which autumn tho :oops:...


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