Kosciuszko NP, Mt Jagungal, ultra-light tent, lots of rain

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Kosciuszko NP, Mt Jagungal, ultra-light tent, lots of rain

Postby BigClimbs » Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:28 pm

Just got back from a great 3 day cycle tour in the Kosciuszko National Park that included an awesome night camped right on top of Mt Jagungal at over 2000m!

Lots of climbing and lots of rain. When it wasn't raining the humidity was right up there.

The climb from the Tooma River up to the top of Dargals Range before dropping down to Khancoban was a killer.

The descent from the Dargals down to Everards Flathas you dropping about 900 vertical metres in around 3km. Awesome. Big erosion barriers and plenty of opportunities for air. By the time you get to Khancoban only 12 kms away you've gone from 1800+m to only 360m above sea level.

Used a 2 man TarpTent "Double Rainbow". Although only single skin, it proved to be an awesome tent. Two nice vestibules, great ventillation and a second "liner" that fits inside to direct any condensation away from you. I was really impressed with how well this tent worked in trying conditions. Now for the unbelievable part - this comfy 2 man tent weighed less than 1.3kg fully packed including a tyvek groundsheet!

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