Recommended Reading (Touring Preperation)

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Re: Recommended Reading (Touring Preperation)

Postby rifraf » Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:10 pm

Aushiker wrote:Hi

You might want to check out Book Depository as their prices are often very good. They also offer free postage to Australia.


I ordered two books from these guys on the 19th of Sept and they arrived safely today on the 5th of October.
I make that two weeks and two days from start to finish which isn't bad especially for free delivery.
I'm happy and will definitely be using them again.
Thanks again for the tip.
Aidan :)
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Re: Recommended Reading (Touring Preperation)

Postby Aushiker » Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:47 pm

Just a heads-up but if anyone is chasing a copy of Cycling Outback Australia! - Cairns-Darwin-Perth one has popped up on eBay.


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Re: Recommended Reading (Touring Preperation)

Postby WarrenH » Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:36 am

If you like off-road touring in New south Wales, I think a bit of useful reading is;

The Bicycle and the Bush, by Jim Fitzpatrick, Hesperian Press, to remind us that what we are doing nowadays, was done far more intrepidly back in the 1890s.

Wild Places by Peter Prineus and Henry Gold, Kalianna Press. Thoughtfully compiled. The original 1984 edition has large maps, the later edition is a good read with updated wilderness regions but the maps are smaller. Ebay for the original edition.

New South Wales Rainforests: The Nomination for the World Heritage List, NSW NP&WS, to help understand what is special about NSW and not often considered. From Parks and Wildlife web bookshop.

The Bicentennial National Trail Guide Books covering the trail from Killarney on the Qld Border to Tom Groggin on the Victorian Border. BNT Association web shop.

A new booklet that I have recently obtained is, Bird Trails of the Riverina and the South West Slopes of New south Wales. Available by request from the Visitor Information Centres in the region. Well worth a look. Not just about birds. Full of GPS coordinates.

The Long Paddock: A Directory of the Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves of New South Wales. Available from NSW Primary Industries bookshop. Over 3000 of the best free camping sites in rural NSW and along the Great Divide are listed.

... and before you buy the topos of NSW, do research with SIX Map, lots of good tools. SIX Map is still in the Beta stage, but hopefully it will be fully up to speed by the end of November ...

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