Alice Springs area

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Alice Springs area

Postby Meditator » Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:05 pm

Does anyone have an idea how much time to allocate to exploring this area? 2, 3 or 4 weeks is necessary? I like art so would want to spend a bit of check out all those places but maybe if you are not into art you could say how much time it would be needed leaving out the art interest, then i can tack a bit of extra time for that?

I've decided just to do this one area this year and head off onto other activities afterwards.

I'm thinking of October and hope it won't be too hot. But if it is, i might have to go in Mid september. Any comments about this time of year?
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by BNA » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:15 am


Re: Alice Springs area

Postby V17L » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:15 am

Hi Meditator,
Bit of an open ended question.

Firstly the weather, yes it will be warming up by October, and depends on how much rain we have to how sticky it can get here. (yes, there are uncomfortable days because of humidity, even in the desert.) Check the to see what the average temsp are. Winds are south easterly a large perscentage of the time.

Given this is a bicycle forum, I assume you will be travelling by bike. Check out the road to Glen Helen Gorge, as it is all sealed. Glen Helen has a small pub with a camping ground, about 120km west of Alice, on the bank of the Finke river (dry). You also pass Ormiston Gorge, and can stay in the Ormiston camping ground area, as it is a park. Great swimming, fantastic Ormiston Pound walk.

You can go further out on the same road to Tylers Pass and on to Gosse Bluff, with about 30km of dirt road to traverse. No water from Glen Helen onwards.

A few art galleries in town, with nice prices. Are you talking about dot painting or lanscape paintings?

To give more advice, best to know more on what you want to do.
steve t
PS the rock is 480km from Alice, and has road houses along the way.
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Re: Alice Springs area

Postby Meditator » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:54 pm

Hi V Thanks for replying. Its nice to meet someone from alice on my thread. However, its probably a question best answered by someone who's done a tour around the region.

I've got a map of central australia and an old tourist guide book so i can figure out what to see though i hadn't heard of those places you mention yet as i haven't spent too much time researching my route as such. I was just looking for a bit of a ball park figure.

I'm mainly interested in seeing aboriginal art. Its a bit of an interest though i won't be shopping. Just looking. I want to go out to hermannsberg amongst all the rest.

i did have a look at the bom site. I read it there or somewhere that on the cusp of september october is a good time because of wildflowers. Sounds good to me. Not sure i should be there for all the rain storms . october is probably going to be somewhat hot for me.

Before this i'd heard that the mian things to check out were uluru, mcdonnel ranges and kings canyon. I don't need to see everything but do you think those gorges are particularly special, not just that the road is good. I've seen a lot of gorges (in the kimberley) and am fine on dirt roads. of course if they are en route to the other sites, i will definitely be stopping in. I also like wild camping if i can find water.

Alright let me put it this way, is 2 weeks or 3 weeks enough. How is 3 weeks. Could i see all the main things. I can cycle up to 100km per day if needs be but probably 80kp day is better at the outset (on bitumen). And if on dirt, then 80 would be my max but probably would do 60 on average.
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Re: Alice Springs area

Postby il padrone » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:16 pm

I'm doing this region with a friend this Sept. but it'll be more like 4-5 weeks. We plan to tour the West MacDonnells, Gosse Bluff, then the Mereenie Loop RD (3 days of desert) to Kings Canyon , Uluru. Then across via Kulgera to Finke, Old Andado and the Andado Track through Santa Teresa back to Alice. Challenging stuff.
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Re: Alice Springs area

Postby Meditator » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:31 pm

That sounds good padrone, i could do that. I'll check it out.

I'm leaning more towards september too. The awkward part is that i've book into to a retreat in bundanoon in november and so that leaves october free. I can find things to do but don't want to be away longer than 3 months, originally i would prefer two but i think i should avoid the october heat. I think i will do a retreat in black heath in october. I'll be driving from here (cairns to alice then down south before coming.

i['m looking at my map now and can see the larapinta trail. I wonder what that's like. It runs along north of the namatjira road.

I will need to find somewhere to leave my car while i'm touring. Any suggestions?

Anyway thanks for the tips.
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