NSW-South Coast

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NSW-South Coast

Postby Tim » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:01 am

In the early stages of planning my first decent tour. Not one of epic proportions, but big enough for me. Done a couple of overnight trial runs and I'm ready for a good one. The rough plan is to depart from home in Metung, hit the Rail Trail to Orbost (which I've already ridden), down to Marlo, Cape Conran and then the Old Coast Rd. to Bemm River. From there on it's all unexplored territory, at least it is for me on a bike. I'm then thinking the Old Coast Rd. to Cann River with plenty of pushing on the sandy sections as I've only got 35mm tyres. I can't avoid the Princes Hwy from Cann to Genoa, Eden and then Pambula, but it's not a bad stretch (from memory, in a car), a bit long and boring but not to worry.
The section that most interests me is the Saphire Coast Rd. and then the Tathra-Bermagui Rd (in short), from Pambula to Bermagui. I want to turn off the highway at Pambula and basically cruise the coast up to Bermagui and maybe beyond. Has anybody ridden this part of the coast and are there any "must see" attractions along the way and/or tips?
One other simple question. I'm not pressed for time, and plan on going for at least a month. Is 15km/hour a reasonable average speed to calculate daily distances, when fully loaded? I won't be pushing too hard and only expect/hope to cover between 50 and 75km a day. The idea is to just puddle along and enjoy, not kill myself.

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