Tour through alpine/kosciusko national parks?

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Re: Tour through alpine/kosciusko national parks?

Postby camnrtn » Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:18 pm

We didn't run into this problem at all - I guess the difference between early and late summer. Although the weather was scorching, all rivers were flowing strongly, and had plenty of water in all the creeks through the Jagungal area in particular. A lifesaver!

Yeah, local farmers told us that as of a couple of weeks prior a lot of the creeks and rivers were running - they hadn't realised that the one that ran through their property had stopped running! Interesting to hear your experience.

Cheers, I'll do my research next time. We hadn't planned the buchan-inverloch section of the trip, so it was actually really gratifying in some ways not knowing what was there and discovering cool trails along the way. On the other hand, we did miss out on a few!

What I did on this trip was print out screenshots from on A3 paper, roughly 1 per day. It was so convenient being able to pull out a map from my shirtpocket, not worry about it being sweaty etc. Much more convenient than a commercial printed map.

That sounds like a mighty fine idea, that way you can tailor the map to your trip. Although once you pay for multiple color A3 prints I wonder what works out more economical...

I've had wallabies unzip a pannier to get to my bread .. entry to Wine Glass Bay, Tassie.

I've heard of dingoes taking shoes beside tents .. muching on them and then leaving them some distance away. Apparently took some hours of searching to find them. Maybe the smell appeals to them? Dead meat? :P Simpson Desert.

Wild animals are smart - they have to be to survive. The safest place for anything is inside the tent with you?

That's amazing. Although as much hassle as it is to avoid allowing aussie animals getting at your things, my partner's canadian and they have to make a bear bag/bear hang otherwise the bears'll be 'knocking' at your tent door, so I feel we get off light here :shock:

I've never heard of possums getting inside tents, although we were wondering how hard it would be for them - our tent is single-walled and it'd be a cinch for them to rip a hole and come inside. Some possums that're used to humans are really fearless.

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Re: Tour through alpine/kosciusko national parks?

Postby il padrone » Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:58 pm

The possums at Freycinet, and at Cradle Mountain, will certainly sneak right into your tent vestibule and rummage around the bags. Not able to open the tent zipper though. One camping tour I was woken by a body pushing against me in the night.... on the opposite side from my wife :o Possum in the vestibule pushing against the tent. Gave him a swift thump and he hurtled out of there.

Just make sure all food is secure inside a closed pannier and you'll be right.
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