Training Tips - Mates on a Mission Adelaide to Perth

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Training Tips - Mates on a Mission Adelaide to Perth

Postby brellis » Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:34 pm

hi everyone

I am riding from Adelaide to perth in mid may over 20 days. It is a fundraiser for A Mitch Gillam Project and the ride is called Mates on a Mission. Check it out here for more info... or ... ission.php

I am currently riding 2 - 3 times mid week, each time between 60 and 80kms after work. On weekends I am doing 160km one day and 100km on the other, and building to doing 160km both days. This is done with 100km in the morning and then the rest in the early afternoon. The aim here is to practice being in the saddle for 5-6 hours day after day.

i have about 8 weeks of training to go...
I would love some help on whether this is a good way to train for the ride, or whether i should alter it at all.
Also an idea of when to taper off before the ride starts.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated..



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Re: Training Tips - Mates on a Mission Adelaide to Perth

Postby rama » Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:57 pm

you seem to have the total km’s in place, but should also try to do some very long rides with no major break. Gradually extend your century rides, at the same pace.
Also try some fully-loaded rides over the coming weekends, to accustom yourself to the weight & balance of the man-machine combination.
Tapering in the form of serious rest in the last week or so is advisable. Start slower and build up the daily distance in your tour.
I would focus on nutrition during the tour, making sure you take in enough carbs and protein in the form of sports bars & gels (Powerbar, GU, +Watt, etc) while riding, besides “regular” roadhouse food. Also make sure you have a large recovery shake (1st Endurance’s Ultragen is superb) shortly after each day’s ride.
Test those products before the actual tour, to make sure your stomach likes them.
And don’t forget to enjoy the ride too. The cause is noble, but you must also make it memorable to yourself.
All the best.

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