Munda Biddi Trail - First Timer

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Munda Biddi Trail - First Timer

Postby kenuggetsfield » Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:13 pm

Hey guys,

I am planning on doing the Munda Biddi trail solo, unsupported in a few weeks and came up with a few potential sticking points. Any help, guidance or advice would be much appreciated.

In the way of background I am a 25 yo male who mostly does road riding with some single-track mtb'ing around Kalumunda, Perth. I am small and light - 5'4 and 65kg, so I expect this to help me (I will be no heavier than a 95kg rider just out for the day right??).

I was hoping to complete the trip in 14 days, but after reading around it seems to be verging on the impossible. I estimate to be carrying approximately 30kg on my bike which will slowly reduce over time, the only replenishment being the 5 litres of water I intend to carry. I was hoping for ~70km per day average to complete the trail but after reading around this seems very, very difficult to achieve. I think that 3 weeks seems much more achievable??

Another point, this will be my first multi-day cycling tour of any kind, so I don't really know what to expect from my body wrt fatigue after about 3 full days.

I am trying to think of everything, but I'm sure that my shopping list is missing.

Does anyone have any guideline list with approximate weights?


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Re: Munda Biddi Trail - First Timer

Postby alanm » Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:13 am

Hi Kendall,
Two weeks is doable, a mate of mine and 3 other blokes just knocked it over in 2 weeks. It's hard going though. To do it in 2 weeks, you'll require a tent or bivy bag as you'll miss out on huts on a regular basis.

30 Kg is probably on the heavy side. Food, allow 3 days worth, you'll be travelling fast and very likely always have 1 day spare on you. When you're in town / shops, eat anything you can lay your hands on. Clothes, take Merino gear, 1 short sleeved top ~200 GSM, 1 long sleeved top ~300 GSM, 1 beanie, 1 neckie, 1 pair long johns ~200 GSM, ( the Merino gear can do 2 weeks no washing, with very little odour) 1 ultra light weight outer shell. 1 long sleeved down jacket, 1 long down pants, merino socks, Icebreaker are best. Down booties if you get cold feet. Sleeping bag, if you have a down jacket, & pants, bag can be rated to say, +10, no down jacket or pants, rated to 0, try and use a down bag, it'll stuff down to a smaller volume than a synthetic bag. Make sense? Sleeping mat can be a simple thermal or a self inflatable. Exped inflatable down pillow is nice. Be aware that a good night’s sleep is absolutely paramount when travelling fast.

All of this gear can be obtained off Ebay, Merino is Merino for this exercise. i.e. it doesn't have to be Icebreaker.

If you can have this setup, total gear weight, including water, food, tools and spares, should come in at 15Kg, max.

Water, 3L and a small filter or tablets for treatment. Always rehydrate at night, minimum 1L, ideally 2L. Upon waking in the morning, have a drink. Upon commencing riding in the morning don't drink until you really need it, stop and gulp, don't sip. Your body will adapt. Stopping and gulping also rests you.

My suggestion for a fast ride , work on 2 hut’s a day, no tent.

Seriously consider not carrying a backpack, not even a hydration pack on your back.

Use the fattest tyres your bike can handle, downhill tyres are good, drop your pressures to match your speed, i.e. to the point where you're not snake biting the tube but the tyre isn't too hard. This will help with traction, particularly on the front. Put Slime or Stans in before you leave.

The MB is best enjoyed as a bikepacking trip. In my opinion, the muppets that controlled the building of the trail had a political agenda to build the longest offroad bike trail in Australia, it goes places it shouldn't. The huts, however, are superb. If you've not heard of bikepacking, jump on MTBR forums and have a look.

Listen to your body, if you need a rest day, take it, no if's, but's, or maybe's, you'll pay dearly later on if you don't. I do 2 days, 1 off, 3 days, 1 off, then whatever, however, I'm 53. At 25 I used to go longer but still had days off. If your knees start to play up, your seat height is most likely the cause, play with the adjustment. Pay particular attention to seat set up prior to leaving. Read up on self massaging your Adductors and ITB's, these are often the cause of knee problems, and arise from problems in the hip area, which in turn, are influenced by seat height.

If you're running a derailleur system, pay very close attention to your line, avoid loose twigs like the plague, particularly at speed. Make sure you have spare hangers, more than one, know how to change them. If you have an IGH, sweet! Make sure your wheels are well tuned, double butted spokes, DT / Saipim are best, but straight Saipim's are good if you have them, brass nipples are best. Carry a few spare spokes for front and rear, say 3 of each. Remember, you're doing a fast, 1000 K, off road ride!

At 2 huts a day, it'll be tough and you need to be aware you’re doing it for the riding experience, you're going to be what I call, "destination driven" i.e. you're not out to look around, if you're comfortable with that you'll have a ball, and believe me, you'll sleep well!!!

If you want someone to tune and teach, let me know, I know someone who'll do a good job for you.

Good luck, questions are free, and let us know how you go. :)


BTW, I've done a fair bit of off road and road touring, for this ride, leave your road riding beliefs of speed, hills, handling etc at home.......a thousand K's on dirt is a whole new ball game!!! :)

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