Camping in safety - Monaro highway

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Re: Camping in safety - Monaro highway

Postby Torana68 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:20 pm

[quote="RonK"]What are you trying to achieve here? Do you want to start a business? If you are going to provide facilities, will there be enough visitors to justify your investment?

business yes but not for cyclists , cyclists are an add on to existing, so no I cant see $$$$ in cyclists, BUT as I have to insure it has to be pay to stay, you'd be a twit not to have insurance these days..... happy to do something in the way of shower and toilet and BBQ (which will have other uses) but that will probably be the extent of changes for cyclists, Shelter we have..... thanks for the links Ill have a look
Oh and we are about 60ks from Canberra, and Cooma
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