Looking for Locals on Tour Adelaide to Cairns

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Looking for Locals on Tour Adelaide to Cairns

Postby Ness » Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:00 am

I am from Austria and will spend our winter (Nov-Feb) in Australia. I will go with my wife on a tandembicycle from Adelaide about on the coastline heading to Cairns ( .. as far as possible) on a 3-month tour, our camping gear with us to tent overnite primarily.
In this forum it is to read that many folks do partly the same and ask similar questions - which road to take and how is the traffic etc, so a lot of information around but hard to consolidate ....
What I want ......I would like to get in contact with you-members living roughly on this route/tour (locals) and know your neighbourhood well to meet you so you can tell me which route to take the next hundred('s) kilometers, finding detours to avoid traffic, highlights not to miss, campgrounds or other possibilities to stay overnight - besides meeting you / Cycling-colleagues to get local social information.
I suppose to start in Adelaide beginning of this Dec and ending somewhere around Rockhampton or even close to Cairns by the end of February. If I just come to Brisbane - no problem, there will come other "winters" to continue.
I hope this is not a too strange request to ask for !

Thanks, Ness

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