Rent-a-good-bike in Sydney

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Rent-a-good-bike in Sydney

Postby flrider » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:12 pm

I will be in Sydney for 10 days, at the end of January, travelling from the USA and having a work break. I would like to find a good (MTB: XT or better, Road: Ultegra or better) bike to rent for this period. I am a 40 y/o rider, use to race a long time ago (have been "on the bike" for over 20 of those years), and (maybe because of that) am very "light" on the equipment - I still put in good miles quite regularly at home. Am also ready to leave a decent deposit, anyway, and will "buy" any damage - that how sure I am of being careful with it. Want to ride around and in Sydney, probably everyday. I may stay in Parramatta to escape the holiday crowds.
Size: MTB 18 or 16 if stem and seat are stretched out; Road 52-54 will do. I can bring my own pedals/seat.
Any other help, with maps or hints, or anything else, will be very appreciated...
Another question: is there a good, large outdoor store in Sydney, something similar to an REI in the US ?
Thanks !

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Postby sogood » Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:16 pm

Anaconda (in Auburn) probably come closest to REI. It's basically modelled on REI and similar. Rebel Sports has a lot more stores in Sydney, but is not in the same league in terms of size.

As for bike rental, that's most common through stores located at two major cycling spots ie. Centennial Park (Paddington) and Olympic Park (Homebush).

For Centennial Park, there's a concentration of rental stores along Clovelly Rd, Randwick. Suggest that you search for them through and call them up and see what they can do. The most 'pro' shop (non-rental AFAIK) on the strip is Cheeky Monkey and there are 2-3 other stores (primarily rental) within one block of them.

For the Olympic Park, more info are available in the link below, ... g_circuits

Good luck and enjoy Sydney!
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Postby AUbicycles » Fri Jan 12, 2007 10:23 pm


some good ideas from sogood.

One point I make make is that it makes sense to enquire in advance. Bicycle hire is not massive in Australia compared to some other parts of the world. Typically bicycle hire is for family / leisure type riding however I understand from your post that you are after a bit more. Make enquiries to ensure that you can get the bike you are after for the price (an hourly rate over 10 days might add up).

An additional option to bike shops if a bicycle tour company, there are some listed here. You should hopefully be able to find some that have good bikes and do longer tours. What this means is that they may have some good bikes in their inventory that may be sitting around doing nothing, so they may welcome your enquiry to hire one to you.

Let us know who you go with, always helpful for others with the same question.

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Sydney Bikes

Postby Pat » Fri Jan 12, 2007 10:29 pm

I agree with Hiring (AT) Anaconda,
Email Travis Smith he is the king Pin in the bike dept.
Let him know that Pat (aka Fitzy) gave you his details.
Enjoy the cycling in Sydney.

Ps there is also a permanent 4cross track at the Olympic park area right near the Archery site if you like to get some air in your sail (flyiing arrows make for more of a challenge, haha, no not reallyjust kidding)
Regards Pat

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