Route advice and companions wanted...

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Route advice and companions wanted...

Postby irishandy25 » Tue Nov 04, 2008 7:56 am

Hi, due to circumstances beyond my control I am going to be changing my route and flying to Australia this weekend (poor me). Unfortunately, as I had not planned on being there for another year I have no idea of routes, places to see (and avoid).

I would like to do a loop of the country and will be staring in Sydney and will most likely start heading south and west in order to avoid the hot and humid weather in the north.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

I am also looking to see if anyone would like to join me for a bit?


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Postby Wollemi » Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:20 pm

Gonna be hot wherever you go right up to the Anzac Day long weekend. That's why I practiced rolling in my kayak today after work...

Seriously - you will be overly warm. From Sydney, visit Parramatta Park, which is cycle friendly and has a fair bit of our colonial history. The non-symetrical gate-house on the CBD side is quaintly photogenic, but you will have to wait for a break in the traffic.
From Parramatta, get a train to Katoomba and stay in one of several youth hostels there perhaps. If you are on a MTB, do the Anderson's FT to Woodford - remote bushland and a creek or two to cool off in, as does the ever-popular Oaks Fire Trail. Glenbrook and Woodford have train stations to get back to Katoomba. Or Sydney. Please don't get on the the mountains trains with your bicycle after 5pm as they are packed with commuters at least to Springwood.
Get a train to Mt Vic and cycle to Jenolan Caves then up to Oberon. From here it is 4 or 5 days of camping (or planning well to get to country pubs) to Canberra. The unsealed sections are faairly good quality hard-packed clay. From Canberra you can cycle through Namadgi National Park to Cooma. Cooma is still 97km from the seasonally deserted ski resort of Perisher. Then it is 18km to Rawson's Pass, where you can casually walk to the top of our highest hill, Mt Kosciuszko. The views from the even broader third highest mound of Mt Twynam are somewhat better.

Hope this helps!
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cycling partner

Postby cycling_snowman » Sun Nov 09, 2008 1:11 am

Hi irishandy,
i'm planning the same trip but you have a 3000k head start on me. I'll start in Cairns nov. 20 heading south. If you plan to stop for work or anything just let me know, i might catch up.

Take care, and most of all have fun!!!


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Postby irishandy25 » Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:15 am

I think that is a bit of a headstart that I will never know though. I might have a couple of diversions which would let you catch up. I will keep you posted anyway...

Good tailwinds to you...


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