ride day kellevie 15th of April

agent laraby
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ride day kellevie 15th of April

Postby agent laraby » Tue Apr 10, 2007 9:39 pm

this your chance to sus out the kellevie 24 hour track

a couple of things
-$5 bucks cost
- no dogs please
- BBQ with gold coin donation or byo food
- start time 10am
- close gates (if gates are closed when u get to them close them after you)
- all welcome

meeting at the main race village at 10

There will be signs on Kellevie Rd to follow.

cheers dg

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Postby heavymetal » Tue Apr 10, 2007 10:48 pm

Yes, but I need to locate a rental property to park my BOB trailer, touring bike, Dog, Mrs, computers, spare parts, extra bike water tanks :shock: (Western Australian thing) :D

I will be checking it out though, when I get there. :D

agent laraby
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kellevie ride day 15th April

Postby agent laraby » Sun Apr 15, 2007 8:17 pm

we had 80 riders turn up during the day,
it was great to get everyones feedback and to see people enjoying the track.

i would like to thank people for their patience with the course marking. as we have to ensure the property can remain active for other uses it only gets its full bunting on race day. rest assured kilometres of marking bunting have been orded and the track will be well marked for the event.

we will open a couple of sections up and bench out a couple of places based on how the track rode and feddback from you guys
thanks to everyone who has worked on the track, thanks everyone who turned up for a great day.

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