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Re: Mt Wellington

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:29 pm
by RobRollin
Hmmmm, there is a rider who has lead the bunch over the Le Bonnet and down to Blackmans Bay and return and he isn't a great leader of a bunch ride. I hope it wasn't him leading the bunch. Hence why I stopped riding in the Ken self group, I found he was arrogant and would step up the tempo drop riders and it more like riding intervals than riding in a bunch.

Anyways, I cannot get the gist if it was a good ride or not? I'll post some more info on other group rides shortly.

Re: Mt Wellington

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:58 pm
by Baldy
Hey mate, nah there was nothing like that[Chris lead us to the top of the hill on the way down] It was more I went into it without knowing what to expect. I didnt get a chance to have a chat or ask any questions because I only just caught them going over Davey street because I was running late, so just tagged onto the back. Only the few at the back knew I was there for a while. So dont get me wrong, I did enjoy riding with the group I just felt a bit lost but that was my own fault.

I called into the shop today and had a good chinwag :roll: :lol: Asked my 20 questions so now I know how it works a bit better and whats expected of me[not much :mrgreen: ] I might not be competitive but Ive still got pride, so didnt want to be seen as a slacker/lunatic noobie!!!

Im going this Thursday for another go, if your free come along, it would be good to meet my first BNA'er 8)