Hire Road Bike

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Hire Road Bike

Postby Doddo » Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:21 am

I'm in Northern Tasmania, near Deloraine. I've been riding mountain bikes all my life, no doubt because i live and work at the end of gravel roads. But now I'd like to try a roadbike on the bitumen. Is it possible to hire one in Northern Tasmania?
There's also the question of frames. I notice a lot of roadbike frames look small. Are they termed "compact". Is it possible to get a more relaxed (longer) frame, like the old ten speed bikes that were around when we were kids( I'm 45). If so would this restrict me to steel. I suppose the question is would it be possible to get relaxed frame geometry in carbon - for hire? I'd like to try a carbon road bike if one can be hired.

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