Bit Windy but Nice Ride at Richmond

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Bit Windy but Nice Ride at Richmond

Postby RobRollin » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:45 am

Went out to Richmond to ride with the bunch today. Well I was 5-10mins late oh well.....

I rode the TT course at Richmond. There is not a lot of traffic, a few trucks and the odd 4wd but quite. The road is quite nice as well not as corrugated as Seven Mile. The out lap is a gradual climb with undulations thrown in. Really tests the strength in your legs. My legs were fatigued so I wasn't as fast as wanted to be. The wind was a cross / headwind on the way out which made it hurt a bit more punching out 300watts most of the lap.

The return lap was fast, windy and fast, averaged 36km/h for the last 10ks (15min 30 secs)

Decided to ride Malcolms Hut rd one back into to Richmond and returned for a coffee and a croissant. Met another rider Rob, he turned at Tea Tree Rd from the Richmond group.

(Did I mentioned 5ks into the ride I realised I didn't have my helmet?)

Sorry I didn't see you Master6. Next time!

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