Sporks Ride?

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Sporks Ride?

Postby RobRollin » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:19 am

How was your ride Spork?

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Re: Sporks Ride?

Postby Spork! » Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:40 pm

Sorry I took so long to reply Rob, went to Melb. for a few days on Sunday and just saw this now.
I didn't have any takers to keep me company so I left a little earlier (8:30) than planned. It was a sunny but cool morning with a little wind. At Cressy I refilled my drink bottle at the primary school and changed to short gloves. At the Green Rises Rd turnoff I put the long gloves back on... After 84k's I was really pleased to get back to the bakery at Longford for a hot pastie and a coffee and a rest for my aching bum. The rest didn't do my legs any good though, I struggled a bit for the final 23k's, and I just couldn't get "comfortable". It was too cool without my "vest" (rain jacket with sleeves removed) and a bit hot with it. Total time (including bakery) was just under 5 hours. I got home tired and sore, with numb feet (cold) aching wrists, exhausted quads and a sore right knee. I felt fantastic! :D
No chance for a recovery ride the following day as I was off to Melb, but my knee was OK, my legs felt tired but not sore, and my wrists weren't too bad either. Don't know if I'll do 100k rides very often (at least until the weather improves) but I really felt a sense of achievement.
My computer was only working for part of the ride, so average speed is only a guess - I'd say about 22-23 kph. I know the distance travelled from Bikley.com

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