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Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 3:49 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
It was raining in old Hobart Town as I headed out the door to drive to the start of the weekly RBWR. It didn't look like the rain was going to stop at any stage until the approach to Richmond - and - then - as is the norm - the rain slowed to a shower and then a little drizzle and then nothing. I wasn't particularly early today and it told many stories that there was only one car in the car park.

And then riders gradually turned up until we had eight eager faces all in a circle all talking about weather patterns and radar maps and other irrelevant subjects. This is Richmond after all. Our average rider age took a severe rise today with Norm, one of the originals from '98, turning up to join us - at the spritely age of 82! With two septuagenarians as well the average was well up there.

The course was the traditional one again - just in case the Richmond touch didn't last and we needed to head for cover. A helping southerly kept us ticking along at a reasonable pace out Colebrook road and up Tea Tree Road with ScottyB taking an easy KOM point at the top. A regroup gave us time to get layers off as the impending clouds looked less and less concerning. All together again and off for Back Tea Tree with the frisky ScottyB gapping the rest of us at regular intervals. Somewhere along the way Norm waved us on and we kept going. A small split before the turn was soon reabsorbed and the road turned uphill into that unfriendly southerly. It didn't slow ScottyB who softly pressed on the pedals and put us all into difficulty. The peleton splintered. There were five riders close together at the top of the farm hill climb and Scotty went to the front again. Ouch. The splits came again.

Along the way AndrewT put in one of his now-customary surges and caught Scotty and me and pushed on. A side-head wind was still pushing into us so taking the front was the tactic for the last hill sprint before the turn. I snagged a point there. The surviving five regrouped at the turn as the sept and octogenarians waved their intent to not turn. Hmm. No reason to slow the pace - not good.

That southerly meant a tail breeze on the way back up and down Back Tea Tree with a couple of Strava almost-PBs attained on that run. Nice. The turn onto Tea Tree put us side on to the southerly and we ticked along at a reasonable speed with the breeze helping an hurting at various times. I tried to snag a draft on the back of a hydro pole truck. Just missed him and then couldn't breathe for some time. The pace remained high and the water tower points beckoned. Another point for me although pressured all the way by that AndrewT surgemeister.

Off again over the top with the final sprint left. Cat and mouse tactics prevailed with poor AndrewT left at the front - into the wind - for four clicks while we all lined up behind him. The pace slowed, the gears clicked, no-one went, and then with only about 200 to go ScottyB took off and was never to be caught. A good win with an average speed of a tick under 30kph for the journey. Well done in the conditions.

A break from tradition as coffee was partaken inside - acceptable at this point as they had been waiting for a long time for us to get back. As we left - it started to rain. gotta love old Richmond Town.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:18 am
by BenevolantDictatorD
Another glorious day in old Richmond Town greeted the assembled masses of riders. There were about forty to fifty assembled waiting for course instructions on a day that had warmth in the sunshine and little in the way of wind to trouble anyone. So, when the touring motorcyclists roared out of town we had twelve starters for the RBWR, one gentleman and eleven ratbags.

The course was announced - to a mixture of stunned silence and mumbled threats of violence. And so off we went - the smiling group that we were - up Brinktop Road with a left turn onto Prossers Road before the hill and out via a bit of dirt to Fingerpost. All were together so a right turn to the highway and then a - left - towards Orford. We took the old highway road which undulates its way to the start of the Black Charlie's climb. At an average of 6% its a good lung buster. KOM points to ScottyB at the top. The rest of us dragged ourselves over the top and headed down the other side for a regroup at Runnymede. A left turn towards Levendale gave us another 10kms of climbing with a few small downy bits. Most got the the turn with the rest taking things easy.

The return journey down the Levendale Road is always enjoyable as we scooted along at a good pace to regroup at the highway. Back up to Black Charlies and down the other side. The announced route was to continue with Brinktop to finish. Five had better ideas and took the short cut back the way we had come. The rest of us mostly regrouped on Brinktop Road and then headed for coffee.

No room to spread out with what appeared to be cruise ship tourists enjoying the ambience of Richmond Town. Amongst all the comments in amongst solving the problems of the world a few were heard to say the course was a good one. :shock: :shock:

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:36 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
A mixed bag of riders turned up for today's ride in perfect conditions in old Richmond Town. One gentleman, a dozen or so ratbags and a wascally wabbit hunter previously known as PMM Man. :mrgreen:

No 'guns' in the bunch today so an easy course designed to keep everyone reasonably together and create something to talk about - where else but the Baskerville circuit! Of we headed up Colebrook Road with gentleman Denis in our sights but - the sensible pace we tapped out saw the said gentleman maintain his gap and head off towards Colebrook as we turned up water tower. A short wait at the top and off we went again at a sensible pace.

It didn't take long for PMM Man to hatch another of his plans and a breakaway was created with a few hanging on. The rest of the peleton smiled and kept tapping away. All bar two of the breakaway were soon caught and a regroup at Brighton saw the numbers dwindle. Two turned back - prior injuries noted. The pleasant trip through to Honeywood saw the bunch strung out with much huffing and puffing up the last climb that always seems to be more than the strava quoted 10% max.

Another regroup and then some lovely wet gravel to get everyone's bike quite dirty. Along Baskerville Road, another regroup, up the Otago bay climb, another regroup and the flag went down for the scramble over Grass Tree for coffee.

Conversation over coffee went for a while interspersed with some of Brian the younger's whimsical "jokes". Not much was said on the impending event listed for next week but knowing nods were exchanged as the rumour of Master6's return to the peleton. Three cheers were sounded and the world already seems a better place.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:22 pm
by master6
If gentlemen Denis is a peleton, there might be a skerrick of accuracy in the above prediction.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:46 am
by BenevolantDictatorD
News of the addition of Master6 back into the peleton brought riders from afar with seventeen riders turning up for the occasion. It was a bit cool in old Richmond Town with a persistent breeze hitting us from the northwest.

The three gentlemen put their heads together and headed out on their own for a tour of the countryside. The balance of the peleton left the car park at the allotted 9:00:00.000 and headed for Colebrook saying hello to strong man Rod and hill climber Michael as they pulled up and frantically tried to find out where we were going. The obvious option was to go out a bit harder than normal and make them chase even harder but that was resisted and by the time we got to the golf club they, and Robrollin, had made the catch and moved to the front to continue the pace.

Soon after ScottyB put in a gentle surge and led off the front on his own. Our breakaway chaser AndrewT chased him down and together they sat in the distance as the peleton schmoozed along quite comfortably. The start of the Cole Hill climb split the group into a number of groups with ScottyB easily off the front, AndrewT flagging and a group of five tussling for third. Stuey managed to shake the group and jumped past Andrew at the top for a good second.

Brian the elder turned at the top. PMM Man was nowhere in sight so the messages were sent and the peleton continued up to Colebrook and then right and up to the top of the Tunnack Road hill for another regroup. Numbers were starting to reduce at this point as some hadn't made it and others had turned for various reasons. Against all previous versions we had another regroup on the way back - at the top of Cole Hill - and the flag was dropped and the shackles were released.

I'm not sure where the breaks in the bunches happened as I was staring at wheels and hanging on as best as I could. At one stage there was only four of us as ScottyB poured on the pressure. Another time I looked around and there was more. I even managed to do one turn, paid for it and soon went out the back leaving strong man Rod and firey Nige to hang on as best they could. AndrewT and BianchiDave went past in chase mode but with no chance of catching.

ScottyB scored a strong win with Rod requesting a nick-name change and gliding over in second. The gentlemen joined us for coffee and the chatter went on for some time with much discussion of the going on about the happenings at the Sorell Men's Shed!

A warning for everyone - 2IC PMM Man will be in charge next week as a few of us tackle the Tassie Trail with the Miena to Ouse section planned for Wednesday.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:14 pm
by fixedlegs2012
Actually BrianP won the sprint...minutes ahead of everyone ;)

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:29 pm
by master6
The much admired Dictator was absent today, away on the Tasman Trail mountain bike ride. PMM Man stepped up to control proceedings, and set the gentleman and seven other combatants on the road, but not until most present had reflected on the state of those likely drenched participants of Tasman Trail adventuring. Poor buggars!
So off we went, to nowhere in particular, as per PMM Mans directive; apparently it was all hinging on the weather, which was already "misty".
Out along Campania Rd, left toward Water Tower Hill, and it became vague at this point for this reporter. Only a real journalist can report on something unseen, so folks, from this point on I can only guess.
There was no train line aggression, apparently, but plenty of ride reports back at the famous Richmond Bakery coffee table. Such is the nature of cyclists, that one would only confidently repeat their "observations" after subjecting them to a lie detector test.
It should be made clear that they are not in the same league as golfers when it comes to embellishing the reports of their performances :D

I can vouch for one very positive feature of the ride today. Rod was out of the car, dressed and helmeted, eager to roll at 8.59.00 am.

Someone won, nobody was beaten.

Perfect :)

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:02 pm
by master6
To keep an eye on those who were away on the Tasmanian Trail today (and all this week) look here

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:54 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
Another Wednesday, another Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride.

The doubters stayed at home but two gentlemen and 10 others assembled under overcast skies ready for the off. There was no wind to speak of and the temperature was neither warm or coll - perfect. So, at 9:00:00.000 off we set on a twin loop of the Back Tea Tree and Middle Tea Tree Circuit. The gentlemen had left a little early and the rest set a steady pace off after them. The 'normal' pattern for this ride is a reasonably quick first lap, a reasonably slow lap and a sprint from the start of Middle Tea Tree on the second lap. Today was a normal day.

We lost two riders after the first lap as they went looking for better company. The second lap was slower. The start of the sprint sorted out the bunch. It came back together with five at the front for a while until surges left three at the front. Line honours to Stuey with a strong sprint after a lot of work on the front. All reassembled for coffee where the numbers swelled to 16 and the Tassie Trail ride was much discussed - especially my navigational skills!!

For the diaries - the Orford ride this year will be on Wednesday New Year's Eve. Normal RBWR starting time - 55kms to Orford - Coffee - 55kms back.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:59 pm
by master6
No mention of PMM Man in the above report. It was noted that he was last to arrive at the table with his coffee :?: :?: Is there a story here?

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:31 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
Well it wasn't exactly the best of Richmond weather that greeted the assembled riders. In fact, most had already headed to the cafe assuming the rain would continue. But, as is often the case, the clouds parted and the sun came out and intent returned. The course today was the traditional water tower and back tea tree circuit and, as we set off, the showers came back to escort us out of town and the breeze stiffened just to make it difficult at the front.

There was about 12 riders on the day - with 2 gentlemen and the rest of us being ratbags. The pace seemed a bit high and turning on to Tea tree Road it didn't seem to get any easier. A regroup at the water tower and off we went again - with intent - straight into the headwind. The bunch shattered into many groups with four at the front, two chasing and singles until the three at the back.

Another regroup and off on Back Tea Tree with a glorious tail breeze to push us along. ScottyB got excited and flew off the front not to be seen again until the turn. By the time we got to the turn the numbers diminished with one heading off to work, one heading home and one having had enough. One had already propped and was waiting back up the road.

A headwind on the way back and the bunch stayed tight knit with small gaps only by the end. The tail breeze along Tea Tree Road was enjoyed, a regroup after the train lines - where was PMM Man to urge us on? - and we lost another to the Middle Tea Tree shortcut. Another regroup at the top of water tower - points to ScottyB - and the fast downhill ensued. Stuey made his move and took off to pick up a lead of a hundred metres by the turn onto Richmond Road. The pressure was then on to bridge. One dropped off. Another dropped off. Baz dropped onto the dirt for a while and never recovered. Good scout ScottyB waited around with Baz just in case he could report a spectacular fall. That left tow of us to chase down the breakaway - which we managed to do with a few kms to spare.

After sitting on him for a while the strong man - Rod - went to the front and pushed the pace to an uncomfortable level. Two hundred out Stuey took the lead and went for the line. About 50 to go I though he looked a bit tired so I went in front to help out - yeah right - a lucky win for me and by the time I got back to the car park I was able to just carry a conversation. It was a hard ride - at race pace for most of it - and good coffee was deserved by all.

Next week's RBWR is on Christmas Eve - riding as normal. The week after is New Year's Eve and it will be the Orford Ride.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:53 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
A bit late. A bit too much food and wine. Merry Christmas all. Now, back a couple of days.

It was a glorious day in old Richmond town on Christmas Eve morning. One gentleman headed off up Cole Hill and the rest of us dozen ratbags tackled the Milvale Road circuit. Off up Middle Tea Tree went. The pace kicked up on Tea Tree Road as Rossie was leaving us after Brighton and put in hard early. A regroup and up Broadmarsh Road until the turn onto Millvale Road. A bit of dirt but a nice climb through scenic countryside. The descent on the Derwent side is fast and furious.

A regroup at the bottom, a whiz along Boyer Road, a surge through the industrial estare and back onto Tea Tree Road for the wind up. The irrepressiblePMM Man attacked at the railway line - who would have thought - and then thrace started on Middle Tea Tree. ScottyB took off on a huge surge smashing the peleton but taking me with him. A couple of k's later and my eyes uncrossed and I was able to breathe again! I took a turn and the chasing bunch started gaining ground quickly. Scotty did the team thing and attacked me hard - again. Hmm. The chasing bunch stopped gaining. My win again.

Coffee chat went for a while as the merits of next week's Orford Ride were discussed. Usual 9:00:00.000 start.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:31 am
by BenevolantDictatorD
I wonder what it was like in Orford last Wednesday?

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:47 pm
by master6
BenevolantDictatorD wrote:I wonder what it was like in Orford last Wednesday?

I second the motion.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:41 pm
by fixedlegs2012
Quick run down.
Avg 28.7km/h
Max 71.6km/h

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:04 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
Hmmmm. Maybe we should go to Orford again so we can get a report?

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:54 pm
by Stewycide
Well time to come out of my shell I guess...

Orford sunny Orford.

A little chilly and overcast but with fine weather on the way. The bunch assembled at the appointed hour. There were more than I have fingers and my toes were suitably enclosed in the requisite attire for the punishment ahead. Some names of note however. Jon on his comeback after an appendix op, Rossi, PMM Man, Christian (The ring in A grader), Geoff (not Master6), Scotty B, Baz, Rob Seabourne, and both Brians and others (apologies if I didn't throw your name in). Oh and yours truly of course. The absence of the Dictator was duly noted.

09:00:00:00 And the bunch was off at a sedate pace toward the Fingerpost turnoff. that was rectified quickly with Brian the younger (I believe) forcing the pace. Jon left us at the Highway turnoff and we set off toward Black Charlies on the olde roade. A puncture and mechanical slowed Scotty B down with yours truly and Rossi lending a hand while the rest headed off up the climb. Geoff having made the top graciously headed back down to find us. A quick regroup and we were off again chasing Rossi at pace. The usual suspects and Christian sharing the work in the front group to the bottom of Break me neck/Bust me gall or whatever name it carries. The mountain men took off as usual, and as usual I was too far back to see who got the KOM. Another regroup and we fare welled Rob S and Brian the Elder who headed back. The rest of us bolted for Orford. A poor fellow on a time Trial bike got caught up in the carnage and spat out the back as we made our merry way. The last few lumps and another Scotty B mechanical sorted out the sprint into Orford to a show down between Christian and Geoff. I believe Christian was victorious. total time to Orford under 2 hours. What a lovely tail breeze.

An interlude of coffee and chat with some concerns about the head wind that was looming for the return trip.

I must admit to observing far less due to the pain on the return trip. There was a cleat related incident at Buckland during a regroup. And Yours truly was silly enough to take the front at Fingerpost to be left there right up until the 800m to go mark. I bravely chased the attackers at that point and hit them at the 600m mark before fading to watch Christian beat Geoff out for line honours.

Coffee and chat was not quite the same without the Benevolence of the Dictator. But it was still good.

I'll head back into my shell now.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:35 pm
by fixedlegs2012
Who is this "Christian (The ring in A grader), "the only legit A Grader was Torbs ;)

I was wondering what happened and why the group had split before Charlies.

Definitely another ride to Orford is due......however Dunalley is calling first. Sunday!

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:01 pm
by master6
Well done stewycide. You make every post a winner :D

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:34 pm
by Stewycide
Christian was another of the new faces. A visitor to our fair isle from climes further north.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:16 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
Always nice to have reports in chronological order. My report for last week is quite brief. a nice trundle from Sorrento down to the Port Phillip Heads and back. A solid 30k hit out at around 20kph.

So - this week - we all assembled at - funnily enough - Old Richmond Town - ready for the off with the weather close to perfection. We started with one Gentleman doing a loop sort of ride out through Tea Tree to the top of Grass Tree and back. The rest started in a close knit group of 15. The temperature was just about right. The cloud cover mostly non-existent. The gentle breeze slightly in our face as we headed straight out the road to the Colebrook turn. Its early in the year and my navigation skills don't need to be tested this early!!

Somewhere around Tea Tree Road we lost one rider who stopped for a Ventolin hit but I didn't find out for a fair while so the number reduced to 14. The pace remained sensible all the way with the usual variations of what "sensible" means. A regroup at the top of Cole Hill with our lost rider nowhere in sight from the vantage point half way up. Colebrook saw a couple of the 'elders' turn and sensibly head home. The rest made the turn and picked everyone up ready for the surge to start.

And it did. Four went over the top of Cole Hill together. Three kept going and the fourth organised a regroup and the bunch set off at pace in a semi-attempt at catching - which wasn't going to happen. I was all for the chase until I ran off the road and spent some time int the dirt before returning. That was the end of my efforts for the day. ScottyB pushed on the pedals and took the ever-improving Tony with him on a chase of the front group.

I am assuming GeoffP won the sprint. ScottyB tried hard and cut the gap to half. The rest of us trundled in after picking up RobW on the way. No doubt Brian the Elder and CliveR shared the line honours.

Coffee chat was as good as always although I did leave early as Baz wanted to give me and Scotty a dust-up on the way back to Cambridge. :mrgreen:

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:51 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
With about five minutes to go to the off it was another glorious day in old Richmond Town as the assembled masses chatted amongst themselves. The weather wasn't real flash in Hobart when I left and the chances of a big turn up weren't great. I probably expected more than four though!

At slightly before five minutes to the off the mizzle moved in from the southeast. It was too warm for a jacket and not heavy enough to convince us to adjourn for coffee so with the church bells ringing and the time ticking over to 9:00:00.000 we headed out of town with intent. The course today was the traditional with a run out over water tower along Back Tea Tree and return. The south easterly gave us an ever-so-slight tail breeze as we tapped along catching up on rides past.

This weather pattern sort of reminded me of the recent Tassie Trail ride - starting off in mizzle and the weather improving with the day. Fingers crossed. Over water tower and a slowing for a regroup and away again. Well a sort of regroup as Rossie kept going assuming we were there. After a few kms and a few waggles of his elbow he looked around to see us still a couple of hundred metres behind. And then a regroup. ScottyB tested the legs along the Tea Tree straight and we all tried to hang on. Up Back Tea Tree and the pace continued although back into that southeasterly.

By the time we got to the farm the mizzle was gone and a nice warm day sort of got rid of all my excuses for wanting to go straight back for coffee. The duckpond road surface was pretty damp so Brian the elder took his time down there - for good reason. Another catch up and we kept tapping away. Brian the Elder won the sprint up the rise and promptly kept going at the turn - and then there was three. ScottyB looking always strong, Rossie looking for wheels and me just hanging on where I could. Past the church and those infernal undulations got me again and I dropped off. unfortunately they waited for me so I had to try again! And then water tower - I was there with them at the bottom and ready for the sprint. I forgot that my legs were empty. Rossie cruised over the top and they waited for me again.

Onto Richmond Road into the gentle headwind again, and I was still hanging on. The pace dropped each time I made a mistake and ended up on the front but we tapped along nicely anyway. 1200 out I went to the front knowing I had about 600 left. 1000 and I didn't have much left. 900 and I was stuffed. I assumed they were jockying behind me working tactics for the sprint so gritted the teeth and kept going. 600 to go and I got out of the saddle for a proper lead out. I made it to the 400 to have Rossie roll up and say "lets roll through". I would have responded if I could have talked. :oops: :oops:
Average speed for the ride was something better than 30.

Brian the Elder saved us a table - two cruise ships in town - and coffee chat only went for a short while. I was concentrating on the thought of going home for a nap!

And, of course, about a click out of town it started drizzling and got heavier the closer to Hobart I got. It was a nice ride.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:47 am
by BenevolantDictatorD
It was almost raining in old Richmond Town yesterday - the humidity must have been 90% which, added to the mid-twenties temperature, made for a sweaty ride. What option other than to make the best of it and do the Baskerville circuit. No gentleman's bunch so the peleton of around 15 headed out at the allotted hour and headed for an ascent of grasstree.

A regroup at the top, a fast descent and further regrouping along Risdon and we headed for the East Derwent climb at speed. A couple took the lower option and went along Otago Bay Road and would have done it quicker if not for the puncture. The peleton regrouped at the top and headed off again at speed. A right turn onto Baskerville Road and the two puncture-fixers were noted as being absent. The front riders, unaware, took off along the undulations and waited at Honeywood. We finally got there and off again. Through to Brighton and up Tea Tree Road the hills were starting to take their toll as riders popped out the back. We managed to herd them along and stopped for a regroup just before the train lines.

To this point PMM Man had been relatively quiet but with the vast majority of the riders in his strip he started barking the orders for the run in to take on the "Rest of the World". Over the train lines we went and PMM Man attacked :shock: :shock: and took Michael the hill climber with him. The rest of his team soft pedalled as the gap increased and then started to look a bit menacing. Christian and Stuey from the ROTW team came to the front and started the chase. PMM Man did the right thing and dropped back to the peleton to be ready to bark more orders :mrgreen:

Michael the hill climber took the points easily over water tower and there was no effort for a regroup. The lead bunch was about four PMMs and three ROTWs. From there it was cat and mouse as the pace went up and then back down again as a variety of attacks were made and countered. Everyone was watching ScottyB - but he had a cunning plan - and made a few feints to keep everyone interested. Christian tried a few times but the road was running out and everyone was getting concerned. Stuey pushed the pace and dropped back. Christian again. ScottyB for a while. About 600 out and Stuey went long - very long - too long. Christian went at about 400 - still too long. I was next in line and, being the designated PMM sprinter, and not having done anything to that point, did my job and took the win at any finish line I could find. ROTW took the rest of the podium places.

It was still pretty warm for coffee chat although the humidity had settled a little. PMM Man was supremely puffed up at the success of his amazing plan. At last after many years of scheming and plotting he got one that worked :roll: :lol: Master6 would have been impressed.

For those interested there are a few rides coming up. The February Ride - Pepper Hill Parade - is coming up in a couple of weeks - details below - and Nic's Challenge is on the following week.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:47 pm
by master6
BenevolantDictatorD wrote:. PMM Man was supremely puffed up at the success of his amazing plan. At last after many years of scheming and plotting he got one that worked :roll: :lol: Master6 would have been impressed.

Master6 is enormously impressed :D There is nothing in this world more uplifting than a puffed up PMM Man. Sorry to have missed one of lifes great experiences.

Re: Richmond Bakery Wednesday Ride

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:09 pm
by BenevolantDictatorD
Two reports in one this week. Last week we had ten riders assembled for a ride under grey skies. The drizzle kicked in at 8:59:30. A call was made to head for coffee and five peeled off. The other five followed 2IC PMM Man off on the traditional circuit. The rain started soonafter. The coffee was nice. Each time we thought of joining them it rained. They apparently had a nice ride.

This week we had coolish conditions. The course was out to the highway at the end of Finger post and then to the top of Cole Hill and back. Cyclone Sam made a reappeance and this upped the pace considerably as we spent most of the ride chasing him. A bit of roadworks along the way kept the bunch together. Despite seven PMM riders against him Sam took an easy win.

Coffee chat was good as always with much talk about the Campbell Town rides this weekend.