Team "Bike Ride" Tasmania

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Team "Bike Ride" Tasmania

Postby Baldy » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:34 pm

New junior development team starting up. Some talented kids getting some support by a bloody good LBS, a big bank and a purveyor of fine lycra garments 8)

Check em out and like if ya like ... ref=stream

Tweet and retweet would be neat @teambikeridetas

The other side to it is the save the Devil campaign. 90% of the Tasmanian Devil population has been wiped out by that cancer and they are doing great work to try and ensure there are protected areas of healthy Devils while research into the disease in ongoing.

Buy a hat[they look good] or drop a wad of cash. A Devil will love ya. Then bite your face off... ... Itemid=128


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