Hobart 10K 2013

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Hobart 10K 2013

Postby BarryTas » Tue May 28, 2013 12:34 pm

Ok folks, here it is, the 2013 Hobart 10K
$20 per head for the support vehicle

9th-10th and the 16th of November
8am start each day from Marieville Esplanade

Day 1 – we head up
Napoleon St
Washington st
Hill boughour rd
Huon Rd
Old Farm Rd
Stricko to the Longley pub

Day 2 – have you met Collin?
Mt Rumley
Thomas St
Grass Tree
Collins Cap
Then back up the hill
Down Sorrel Creek road
Black Hill Road
Up Sorrel Creek rd
Amy St

Day 3 = Ash Dash H10K style
Longley climb
Silver Hill
Woodbridge Hill
Kettering Hill
Nichols Rivulet Hill
Silver Hill
Pelveratta Road
Then back up over Longley
when do we stop for coffee???


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