Richie Porte - petition for a one metre matters

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Richie Porte - petition for a one metre matters

Postby simon.young » Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:59 pm

Join Richie Porte in signing the petition for a one metre minimum overtaking distance

Tomorrow morning Richie Porte, the 2013 Australian Road Cyclist of the year will call upon his cycling comrades to ‘sign up for safer cycling’ on behalf of over 4 million Australians who bike ride regularly.

Richie has said ‘enough is enough’ following a horrid 2013 that saw 48 bike riders lose their lives across Australia, including fellow Tasmanian Lewis Hendey just after Christmas and has added his support to the launch of a Federal Petition to implement a metre matters as law.

The petition will call upon the Australian Government to implement changes to the Australian Road Rules mandating a minimum overtaking distance of one metre when drivers pass bike riders on the road.

more info here

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