Police Blitz Targets 2-Wheeled Commuters (?)

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Police Blitz Targets 2-Wheeled Commuters (?)

Postby Seppo » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:06 pm


Does anyone (bicyclist-hat-on) know how to operate this intersection (which is shown in the linked Mercury pic above)? :?: ? Legally ? :?:

I currently try to do what the painted markings and the leader-lights and the icon-ised push-buttons indicate, but they are contradictory, at best. Then, if I think to the actual road rules, well, those are different again. :(

So, if I'm coming down the hill (as shown) from the Cenotaph, in the correct lane (left, and obviously not sharing the road, because there is a bike-lane provided for my use - and therefore I must use it :roll: )... and I note that the little BIKE-LIGHT is RED (which is on the right-hand-side, at a weird height, blocked by the tree foliage :!: )... I have to get into the on-coming-lane (right), to stop, because that's where the BIKE-CROSSING button is? Press it. And don't press the Pedestrian-Walking button? Receive the BIKE-LIGHT green light, then cross in the opposing lane, because that's where I was stopped, and the light is situated, but then, go back to the left lane once across, or in the intersection? As per the painted graphic? But again, only noting the BIKE Paint, not the directional-arrow or the walking stick-man Paint?
Any transport-authority/town-planners/police/symbolist/etc. out there that have the definitive answer? If so, could you share your secrets with all the users of this intersection? :wink:

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Re: Police Blitz Targets 2-Wheeled Commuters (?)

Postby MisuVir » Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:26 pm

Seppo wrote:Does anyone (bicyclist-hat-on) know how to operate this intersection (which is shown in the linked Mercury pic above)? :?: ? Legally ? :?:

Your positioning while waiting at the crossing is irrelevant. There are no lanes where the buttons are.

Come to a stop at the crossing, press the bicycle crossing button, and wait for a green cycle light. No crossing allowed while the bicycle light is red, even if there is a green traffic light or green pedestrian light. You ARE allowed to dismount and walk across as a pedestrian if the pedestrian light is green.

When the cycle light goes green, push off and roll onto the crossing. Move over to the left side of the crossing as you do so.

I'm not 100% sure if there's any legal implication to the left/right side of the crossing. Most such crossings that I encounter on my commute do not have the split across the intersection. However, it is easy enough to move onto the left side of it once you start moving.

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Re: Police Blitz Targets 2-Wheeled Commuters (?)

Postby BenevolantDictatorD » Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:45 am

It would seem that the only sensible thing for commuters to do is to get on the road at the top of the hill at the cenotaph. At the intersection you can then turn left and connect up with the bike path again. The bike crossing light does not apply in this situation as you are not "crossing". In terms of the argument that you must use a bikelane if it is available - this would not apply as it is not a bike-lane-only and could be easily said to be unsafe given the standard of the paving on the lower stretch.

Of course, when the council get around to having the light as default green, then the use of the road would not be necessary.

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Re: Police Blitz Targets 2-Wheeled Commuters (?)

Postby m@ » Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:45 pm

“This is not a behaviour issue, it is a design issue.”

Amen. I was frustrated by these lights years ago as an occasional user; must be incredibly annoying during peak commute times. Good to hear the department is interested in meeting with BNT and the HCC, but the comment "the lights [are] set at the standard green time for pedestrians." doesn't really indicate a terrific understanding of the problem.

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Re: Police Blitz Targets 2-Wheeled Commuters (?)

Postby Seppo » Fri Jul 03, 2015 1:21 pm

Cool thanks guys/gals (?)
...and, ah ha BDD, I see what you did there! Makes more-than-perfect sense, no wonder you're a dictator. And if you did it like that, the crossing-walk-way would be totally clear - ready for you to do just as you stated!
I do wonder what the Police Blitz people would have done?!? "Hey! You! Stop! Uh, oh wait, No, you're alright. I think?! You weren't technically crossing... You didn't run the red light, cuz you had the green arrow, but then you... hhhmmm???"
But then, you'd be pissing-off the motorist. And the people stuck on the curb! Cuz for some strange reason here, people can't stand it when others "get away" with something (and it's not them!)

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Re: Police Blitz Targets 2-Wheeled Commuters (?)

Postby mikgit » Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:58 pm

i always thought that intersection was pretty simple and easy to use navigate, far better tahn all the wonky cycle lanes about in Hobart.
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