Visiting Hobart

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Visiting Hobart

Postby cyclotaur » Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:20 pm

Hi friends in Tassie !

I've picked a perfect day today to ride Mt Wellington with my 'local' (week he's been here 3 years ...) mate. We went up early-ish and were up the summit by 8:45am. Enjoyed the climb, the views and perfect conditions, but not the relatively rough descent so much. [emoji1]

What a great ride to have right on the doorstep. We knocked out a few extra kms towards Longley as well, and mixed in with the SthTasCC TT-ers doing the Mt Wellington Challenge today.

Saw quite a few riders around town later on as well, when having lunch on the waterfront.

Enjoyed the visit and may get to ride again next weekend before heading home.
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