Henri Depierre bikes

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Henri Depierre bikes

Postby bioow40 » Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:44 pm

I have just acquired a rather nice old steel bike called a Gemini Special Tour de France built by Henri Depierre of Paris. There is no other information on the frameexcept for a number engraved very amateurishly on the crossbar- N861540 - and it has a mixture of Shimano DuraAce and Campy bits. It think it was originally all DuraAce on account of the bottom bracket, chainset, headset and calipers, but the cassette is an 8sp. Campy and the levers also Campy. Front wheel is Rigida, probably original, rear unknown, not original but good. It originally had, I'm told, Cinelli bars and stem but now has ITM. Seat post is about a mile long and has what looks like GoFast logo
Does anyone have any information on Depierre bikes? I'd like to rebuild this one properly.
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by BNA » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:13 pm


Re: Henri Depierre bikes

Postby brentono » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:13 pm

Hi Bioow40,
It's a long time ago now, mid-70's but I had a track and a road frame
built (to same specifications) by this gentleman in Paris, he was one
of the most exclusive frame builders at the time, in Europe,
and mainly built for World Champions.
I know Merckx had a frame built there. I was lucky to be with the
Police club in Paris (the one the Olympic team ride for) and was
refered to Henri, by Daniel Morelon. Unless he later went into more
commecial ventures, this must be a pretty good frame for it's time,
and probably specifically built for some professional competitor.
Hope that info is of some use.
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Re: Henri Depierre bikes

Postby bioow40 » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:31 pm

Hi Brenton0
Thanks for that. It accords 100% with other information I have been able to glean. I have made contact with a guy in France - Jean-Claude le Miens - who seems to know quite a lot about DePierre. Only problem is he speaks no English and since my French is pretty clunky it is a slow and maybe not too reliable process. Poppa DePierre was maybe a domestique at some time, started the frame business and passed it on to his son when he died. Son is apparently also now dead and the business kaput.
If you are interested I will send you a photo of the bike when it is finished. At present it is being painted in two-pack (Gios blue, which is the colour I'm advised was a DePierre favourite)with chrome forks, and I'm having some repro decals made at huge expense. Been trying to source a Rigida rear wheel of the right period but no joy so far. I have some Cinelli Giro bars which will be more or less right and a saddle of the correct period, so it's getting there. I'm also told that the mix and match approach to the components was not uncommon so I shouldn't worry too much about Shimano and Campy on the same bike. More later if you indicate interest.
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Re: Henri Depierre bikes

Postby tripstobaltimore » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:23 am

I'd love to see some pics/here more about the build. Sounds great, good luck!
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Re: Henri Depierre bikes

Postby brentono » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:31 am

Hello Bill,
Sorry to hear about the passing of the father (he was older
when I met him, and had been at his peak when I was there)
Didn't meet the son, but could see how the business would
revolve around the family, so his passing would not help.
Also can see that era ending with the introduction of new
materials and styles of frame building had become much
more technical.
Sounds pretty nice and would like to see it when finished.
Can understand the Blue, as many of the riders, he produced
for, were in the Gitane team (have a team jumper myself)
I am in Perth, and have much gear from the period, so
if I can be of help in your quest, let me know.
Am interested and will follow your progress.
It was a special time for me, and quite an experience
meeting these people, and being there.
All the best,
Lone Rider- I rode on the long, dark road... before I danced under the lights.
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