1952 Healing, with pics, now updated

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Nearly a Fixie Century on the 1952 Healing

Postby Johnj » Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:11 pm

On a whim I took up an offer of a place on the Dulwich Hill BC Fixie Century. This torture test is 170-180 km of fixed wheel fun, from Bundanoon to Sydney.

Because of the short notice I decided to use the Healing as it was the only suitable bike I had. After all, it had a fixed cog on one side and brakes, what could go wrong? I put on two brand new 27x1 1/8 tyres, some SPD pedals and some Ultegra brake pads. I took if for a couple of rides and didn't kill myself, so I was all set....

As the Healing is 60 years old, combined with my age it was a century of a different sort.

The bike and I acquitted ourselves quite well, though Macquarie Pass, with a 500 altitude drop over 8km was pretty hairy on a fixie. Towards the end my brakes started making funny noises and on the very last corner my front tyre exploded. When I stopped (miraculously upright) I found that the steel rims were too hot to touch and my brake pads had overheated. Shortly afterwards someone else had a tyre explosion, which made me feel better.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. I lost touch with the pack on the first uphill after Wollongong. I caught the train at Coledale and with a couple of others I got off at Waterfall and rode from there to Sydney. My total was 145km (short of the magical 100 mile mark), but I was pleased to finish. A bit more training and I should make the full distance next year. I will probably build up a fixie for the event. Definitely alloy rims though....

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Re: 1952 Healing, with pics, now updated

Postby Retro man » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:29 pm

How did you go JohnJ did you do it again?
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