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Re: Shogun Appreciation Society

Postby uart » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:17 am

Burnsy wrote:Just date yours off the Shimano components, it is unlikely the cranks or brakes have been changed so they will be accurate to the frame date.

Brakes are no name, cranks aren't shimano either (looks like they are stamped either tracer (or trafer?).

I'll take a good look later today, but I don't think this thing has any shimano components except for the brifters and the F/R derailleurs. Is there usually a date code on the derailleurs?
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Re: Shogun Appreciation Society

Postby minhyy » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:13 am

uart wrote:
minhyy wrote:90s welded cro-mo Samurai running a mix of 105, 400ex, RX100, Cyclone. Reliable commuter




it's not a commuter without ugly flat pedals :wink:

This is from earlier (pg 19) in this thread, originally posted by minhhy in 2013. Apart from the addition of the mudguards and the ugly pedals, this one is absolutely identical to mine. Ok mine looks to be a one or two cm larger frame size, but apart from that it's identical down to every last decal.

I wonder if minhyy still has this old shogun or if he knows anything about it's age?

Hi Uart

The Samurai now belongs to a mate who also uses it as a commuter.

Its original spec was 7-speed Shimano RSX STI levers, and the rest of the groupset was Exage 400ex. One exemption is the crankset: an unremarkable unbranded likely Taiwanese OEM.

Interestingly, the frame is spaced at 130mm with vertical dropouts, yet the original hubset was HG50 / Exage that had a 7-speed freehub, but its OLD was 130mm. Hence my upgrade to 8-speed.

Based on the RSX spec, our Shoguns are later than at least 1995-1996. Taiwanese made, welded frames ubiquitous by this point in time. ... -dec-2013/
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