Given old road bike, need help identifying it

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Re: Given old road bike, need help identifying it

Postby drubie » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:26 am

elStado wrote:
munga wrote:good lord. measure the seatpost.
it'll can be anywhere between 25.0mm and 27.2mm in 0.2mm increments

Ah. Well it doesn't have the size marked on it and I don't have anything accurate enough to measure it to .2mm.

Are you sure? Pull it out all the way and clean it off, the size is usually on there somewhere.

Not all the shoguns seem to have the pantographed name on the seat stay - the shogun katana pilot has another "tri sport" that (again) looks very similar to that bike but has plain seat stays with no pantographing.
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Re: Given old road bike, need help identifying it

Postby elStado » Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:08 am

Just finished Uni today so I decided to start stripping it down on a whim. Had a closer look at the seatpost after cleaning the gunk off it and it has what looks like 26.4 on it. The "2" is really worn away I could only just make out the top half of it.

Frame is super light without the derailleur and wheels on it.

Have a few hours free over the week so will finish stripping it down and get onto cleaning it all up and organising to get it painted. Still not sure whether to keep it as a classic 10 speed or to concert it to a single speed beater. I don't really want to remove the braze-ons but it would look stupid to leave them on if I did convert it. Kinda have to decide before I get it painted though..
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Re: Given old road bike, need help identifying it

Postby nickobec » Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:09 am

rkelsen wrote:I've never seen a Superlite with adjusting screws in the dropouts. I was thinking more along the lines of a Repco Victory Tri-A or Shogun Ninja.

I have 1991 Superlite and 1991 Olympic 14 with adjusting screws in the dropouts. Well had in the case of the Superlite, because I just took them out.

The frame and forks do look like a Superlite (or Olympic), 26.4mm seatpost is right too. But the components do not really match, especially the wheels and hubs, brake levers, stem, 5 speed cassette and the shifters (6 or 7 speed?) are too upmarket for a Superlight

The cranks, rear brake and bars could be from a Superlite or Olympic.

If it is not a 1990c or so Repco Superlite or Olympic it is something of similar quality from that time period.

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