bike porn - nothing to see here

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bike porn - nothing to see here

Postby xx68 » Sat Nov 24, 2007 6:21 pm

I know this isn't strictly retro ....but its niiiiccce just the same , oh and it fulfils the simple single speed criteria .......

just a little photo to tease........yes its bike related .........


I like bmx for the reason they are simple .....minimal brakes , single or fixed speed , that and they remind me of being 12 years old and my father telling me " how an you ride a bicycle with little wheels ? "

hang on I'll find a link to a fella in the states who designed and made his own frame ......

Some large detailed pics are on page 3 - too big to post here , the detail is amazing . Very clean minimilist design - if he turned to track bikes .......

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