Gordonson racer examples of the very early 80s ???

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Gordonson racer examples of the very early 80s ???

Postby guidogad » Wed Jan 23, 2008 4:54 pm

Hello everybody!

I'm new to this forum and I'm new to Australia. A few month ago I've never even heard of Malvern Star, Apollo, Indi, Repco, Gordonson, and the like.

I've picked up a couple of "local" bikes dirt cheap and I like them a lot. In fact I would like to rebuild them as close to the original state as possible.

Unfortunately they've had bad paint jobs in the past and the ID isn't obvious to me at a glace.

The example I would like to discuss here is pretty much identified by now. It was made by Kuwahara in Apr 1981. The serial number format gave that away. Kuwahara has made private label bikes for 20+ brands, Apollo probably the best known as of today. Someone here in Perth has pointed out to me that I'd probably have a Gordonson "Classic" or a Gordonson "Gold" - a local brand in Perth that isn't around anymore.

Now I'm looking for any visual reference to let the painter know which color to apply and to reproduce some decals.

Has anyone got any information on the Gordonsons of the time, the model line up, the specs, some pictures, maybe even an old cataloge?

I'd highly appreciate any help. The sooner the better since the painter is already waiting for a color desicion.

Sorry for any weird wording or spelling on my side - I'm not a native.


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